1970 Lake Blvd Suite 7 (opposite Planet Wash)
Mon, Tues 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Thur, Fri 12:00 noon - 5:00 PM
(530) 756-9393
(530) 208-9393
(530) 756-9398

Dr. Christine Chao is an optometrist offering eyecare, glasses (including sunglasses) and contact lenses.

Dr. Chao has been a resident of Davis since 1986. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of CA, Davis. Later she attended the University of CA, Berkeley for her doctorate. Upon graduation, she volunteered for active duty with the United States Air Force for 5 years. In addition to her own practice, Dr. Chao continues in the Air Force as a reservist with the 349 Air Mobility Wing at Travis AFB and works for the Veterans Administration providing eyecare to military veterans.

They carry many designer frames. A large selection of sunglasses is also available. Value packages also available.

Cash, personal checks, ATM, MasterCard®, and Visa® are accepted. They participate with UCD SHIP/GSHIP and UCD Post Doc Vision Insurance Plans, VSP , Medicare, Medical Eye Services, EyeMed, Spectera (exam only), Tricare, United Healthcare, and various PPO plans. Please inquire about other insurance companies that may be accepted.

Military, student, and senior discounts available.

Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.


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2005-11-06 20:25:18   At a different optometrist office in Davis, the appointment took all of ten minutes, which didn't particularly inspire confidence. However, Dr. Chao is very thorough with her eye exams. When she asks you "is this better, or is this?", she doesn't mind going back and forth until you finally make up your mind. In addition, they sell a lot of stylish frames (such as Burberry), so you don't have to drive to San Francisco to find something decent. —TheoPaaske

2007-03-07 09:18:41   I just had a great experience there. The office is comfortable and both Dr. Chao and the staff are very helpful and they were really nice. Not fake-nice like in other offices, but genuinely nice. The exam was thorough and comfortable, and there is a great selection of frames. If I weren't moving out of Davis next year, I'd definitely go back. —JessicaTrue

2007-08-27 14:14:05   I found this optometrist through this website, having relocated to Davis from the San Francisco Bay Area and in much need of an optometrist. The comments I have found were more than helpful. Dr. Chao and her staff have been extremely helpful than any other medical professional that I have had the privilege of seeing (no pun intended). When it came time to return to the Bay area after graduating from Davis, Dr. Chao was still at my disposal to provide any information requested. I was interested in Lasik and she went out of her way to provide me information and referrals, despite our professional termination of patient-doctor. She has been more than accomodating with whatever requests, especially in accomodating various insurance coverages. I would highly recommend her to any person looking for OD. I even signed on to Davis Wiki with the explicit purpose of making this comment. Goes to show, appreciation goes a long way. —manny

2008-02-01 17:46:15   I am still astounded by the service at Dr. Chao's office. I truly wish every visit to a doctor's office went this well. I decided to try contacts after wearing glasses for 5 years and Dr. Chao and her assistant were very nice and helpful in teaching me how to put them in and remove them. The eye exam was very thorough, and their machines are all nice and new. Highly recommended! —VinceBuffalo

2008-04-15 23:44:36   Dr. Chao was so nice and professional. She really seemed to care about my eyes! She even faxed my old doctor to find out what kind of contacts I've used in the past. Tons of glasses to choose from, friendly staff, clean office. A+ —AynReyes

2008-09-18 14:58:43   Should have came here earlier. Very nice stuff and very professional. Highly recommend to Davis students since they give discounts and very good with SHIP. You don't have to go all the way back home. —BessieChu

2009-01-16 09:54:08   After having a bad experience at "the large recently remodeled downtown optometry office," where my prescription for progressive lenses was botched due a very rushed exam, I tried Dr. Chao and will always see her from now on. She spent much more time on my exam and fit me with better contact lenses for my particular eye problem, and she and her staff are extremely pleasant and friendly. —NotSure

2009-01-16 11:43:49   Dr. Chao is so helpful and really takes her time with you and keeps you at ease. I left knowing that my new prescriptions will be correct (in the past other optometrists get frustrated when you don't know "which is better" and she doesn't try to sell you really expensive lenses. She even worked with my insurance to make sure that i got the most coverage possible to pay the least out of pocket. I definitely recommend her to anyone! —LeaShell

2009-06-28 19:25:26   Dr. Chao and all in her office are really great and helpful. I went to this place on the advice of a friend, and would definitely recommend it to others. As mentioned by others, I felt the exam and attention to detail was very thorough, something I did not experience with my old eye doctor. I recommend it highly. —DavidBenjamin

2009-07-27 16:38:10   I created a wiki account to sing the praises of Dr. Chao's office. Don't be concerned that it's easy to get an appointment here: Dr. Chao really gives the sense that she is being thorough with the exam. For example, she tries about twenty different prescriptions ("is this one better? Or this one?") before settling on one, and she dilates my eyes every time, because I have very weak eyes. No doctor has ever done that before, and I've been to lots! Stephanie, who works at the front desk, is also amazing, especially when it comes to eking as much as possible out of insurance plans. Thank you! —Sylk

2009-08-13 17:27:55   She was very nice and really spent time to ensure first-class eye exam and services (very thorough and patient). The staff were also very nice. I was there for contact lenses and exam, but there were also lots of cool glasses to choose from. Highly recommended! also very good with SHIP/VSP. —superdavis

2009-10-28 17:49:46   Dr. Chao's office is calming and friendly, and filled with positive energy. Until my first appointment with her, I'd never enjoyed going to the eye doctor before - but every single person in her office has great vibes and is just very genuine. Dr. Chao is incredibly thorough and made me feel like she was really thinking about my whole eye health picture - not just this single visit. I went to see her very spontaneously after a minor eye injury (I needed a new prescription anyway) based on the praises others had sung about her here on the wiki, and I'd encourage anyone who's here fishing around for recommendations to give her a try. —calvin2

2010-02-27 13:40:57   Actually went there a year ago. Very satisfied. Recommended. —izminko

2010-06-25 14:09:42   My husband and I have been going to Dr. Chao's for five years now. She and her staff have always been wonderful and have always provided a kid-friendly office. They are the best in town. —2umma

2010-08-20 14:23:44   Dr. Chao's office is the best in Davis. She takes VSP for students and everyone in the office is really nice and helpful. The eye exams are very thorough and she makes sure that your eyes stay healthy. They have stylish frames for everyone and cheap frames for those on a budget. Great place for your eyes. —seecue

2010-10-04 20:02:29   Dr. Chao runs a practice where the patient gets the full, undivided attention of the expert. Dr. Chao gives thoughtful explanations to questions about the exam and eye health. Stephanie takes her time in explaining how to use contact lenses for the first-timer, and gives very insightful suggestions on how best to choose frames—from the aesthetic to the practical. This practice is undoubtedly among the best I have experienced and I have been in many, many doctor's offices as a former pharmaceutical sales rep. —PaulHagerty

2010-10-25 23:24:57   Dr. Chao is super friendly and helpful! I'd definitely recommend this place to others. —JenniferGiang

2011-01-25 17:26:01   I went in today. Very friendly and fast service. I was out in less than an hour, which if you include 2 eye test, 1 eye exam, choosing frames, and then buying them. this is incredibly fast. —AlexanderYi

2011-03-28 20:54:06   I was very impressed with my first visit with Dr. Chao. Everyone was super nice, professional and I really felt comfortable in the office. I won't be going anywhere else!


2011-06-25 10:45:43   Not very impressed with Dr. Chao's office. I came onto Daviswiki to read the comments before going for a checkup. Seeing how every comment on here was very positive, I had a high expectation. I feel that majority of the comments are exaggerated. I been wearing glasses for 11+ years now and felt that the service was subpar. I felt rushed during the eye exam and they were not busy at all. Very limited selection of eyeglasses frame and restrictive office hours. Bought glasses that did not come with a courtesy micro fiber cloth for cleaning (stingy).

On a positive note- All the equipments are very new.They have much better equipment than any other places that I have ever gone to. —kkha91

This is Christine Chao in response to kkha91. Thank you for your comments on your experience at our office. We value all feedback from our patients. I am truly saddened that you had subpar services here. We care greatly about each person who comes to see us. Please call me, as I look forward to discussing your recent visit with us. Thank you! —CJJChao

2013-01-18 20:36:05   Dr Chao and her staff are very helpful and goes the extra mile. I was looking for a pair of cycling glasses and did not find anything fitting my needs at her office. I found something I liked online at the Nike prescription site and asked if I could order them. Her staff then made a few calls and not only made it possible but helped me determine which style will fit my face shape and prescription. They also researched how much is covered by insurance. Needless to say, a very satisfied customer.


2014-07-14 17:17:14   I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Chao. She was very competent, took the time to understand my needs, and conducted a careful exam that was not at all rushed but yet did not take longer than necessary. She and her staff went the extra mile to acquire my records at another provider's office, and help me to assess the type of lenses with which I would be most satisfied. While she has a very good selection of frames, there was absolutely no pressure to purchase glasses from her and she explained pluses and minuses of various options for lenses. I am happy to provide a very positive recommendation for Dr. Chao. —AnneLee