Christopher Tuffley was a master mathematician and part of the math department at UC Davis, through Fall 2006. He taught Math 22A, Linear Algebra, and Math 25, advanced calculus, during Fall of 2006, and was known for his great teaching style. A few random facts is that he is from Australia (hence "zed" not "zee" and "diagonalisation"), his aides never showed up except for tests, he had a mysterious bump on his forehead, and lastly he can juggle quite well as he demonstrated before his Fall 2006 Math 22A final examination.

As his UCD math department website indicates, Dr. Tuffley is now teaching at Massey University, in New Zealand.


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  • Would it simplify the Mathematics page to just put all of the above on that site, under 'Christopher Tuffley'? That, rather than have two instructors w/ bulleted info, and one w/ a linked sub-page (this one)? -LeonardMarque
    • Probably, but I'd imagine the eventual goal is to give each professor their own entry. I'd say being a professor makes you a public figure, certainly for the student segment of wiki users (and usually for everybody, since they have usually published a book or some research of note). —jw
    • I agree with Leonard. Since this guy moved away, there is probably not going to be much more to say about him. —NickSchmalenberger