Davis Location Winters Location

Winters Location
Davis Location
208 Railroad Ave. (Next door to the Buckhorn)
1260 Lake Blvd. , Suite 103 (in Westlake Plaza in West Davis)
Tue-Thu 10:00AM-8:00PM
Mon-Thu 10:00AM-8:30PM
Fri 10:00AM-9:00PM
Fri 10:00AM-9:00PM
Sat 8:30AM-9:00PM
Sat 10:00AM-9:00PM
Sun 8:30AM-8:00PM
Sun closed
(530) 756-4183
Feb. 28, 2006
Both use the same Menu

Chuy's Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant that first opened in Winters and expanded to Davis in early 2006 (replacing Taqueria Super Tamale, which looked very similar).

Locations have been newly remodeled as of early 2009. Each meal comes with an unlimited supply of homemade chips + homemade salsa.

A regular burrito is $5.50+tax and a super burrito is $7.50+tax. (Chips are included.) They serve them "wet" (with a bit of sauce poured on them) on a plate, with a garnish of shredded lettuce and a piece of tomato.

There are also many daily specials throughout the week.

A super burrito:

super burrito (yum)


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2008-02-23 23:57:33   I've only eaten their super burritos, but they're pretty good. Although their burritos are different in taste, I think they're on par with Taqueria Guadalajara. I like how they put sliced avacados instead of guacamole in the burritos. —BenLee

2008-05-09 15:03:20   i invite everyone to try their diabla sauce. it's normally on their camarones a la diabla, but you can ask for a side of it to go with your tacos burritos what have you. it's amazing. —SylviaFlores

2008-06-06 09:07:00   If you like Prawns try the Coctel de Camarón for a summer treat. It is a cold shrimp coctail, but light like a cold soup. Also, the Adobada (seasoned pork)burritos are really good. —LokiAbbi

2008-07-07 17:22:02   They have delicious carnitas,and I am happy to report that that is especially true in conjunction with their quesadillas and nachos. Also, the horchata is a delightful discovery for someone who has never had it before. —JoePomidor

2008-07-31 09:41:18   They actually make fresh salsa EVERYDAY! which is great, not like guadalajara, they keep theirs for days! the server at chuys, natalie, the most hard working server ive ever seen. she workes TWO jobs, tip her well, she deserves it. this place is what u cal REAL mexican food. —SamiSam

2008-09-13 22:14:13   Friendly service, and hurray for reuseable salsa trays if you eat in! —Angel.York

2008-10-14 07:38:22   After reading the positive reviews and wanting something a bit different than normal, my lady friend and I headed across town from South Davis to Chuy's. It wasn't the best tauqeria and certainly not the worst. The taco shells and taco salad shell seemed to be a bit old or even store bought. The steak was chopped up into little balls of meat instead of longer strips you normally receive when ordering carne asada. Probably related to the quality of the meat used and small cuts make it less chewy or harder to notice the fat. The server was friendly, the place was clean and the food was presented fairly well, but that taste was not fantastic. If you live nearby I could see giving it another chance or finding a favorite item on the menu, however there are much better taqueria's in Davis. Glad I tried it but don't expect I will be visiting again. —loneshark

2008-11-18 12:57:07   Here's a run-down of last night's visit to Chuy's, told in the second person:

1. You order fish tacos, but they are out of fish. You opt for the shrimp instead. Bad choice? 2. The glasses your sodas have been poured into taste like soap. 3. Chips and salsa are served. The salsa tastes like pizza sauce, so you add salt. The salsa now tastes like salty pizza sauce. 4. Your food is brought to you by a friendly staff member. You eat it. It's not bad, but the shrimp seems under-seasoned. You add salt. 5. The beans your girlfriend ordered taste like they are cooked with lard. This is a problem, since you are both vegetarian (well, except for fish). 6. You leave. You are not completely disappointed, but you'll probably go somewhere else next time. —ifoundthistape

    sorry senor, but real mexican food wasnt designed for california vegetarians...

2008-12-09 20:24:41   I love this place- burritos are huge for only 4.50. —LizMelack

2009-01-01 18:11:55   "This is a problem, since you are both vegetarian (well, except for fish)" - right, eating fish means you are not a vegetarian, come to grips with your desire to eat flesh and move on, or man-up and give up meat, fish dairy and eggs and wear your vegetarian mantle like a true warrior.

As to all the posts claiming chuy's is bad, guad good or vice versa: they are 2 different experiences. Guad has the best carne asada I have ever eaten - bay area, LA and san diego included (being a roberto's/alberto's diehard). Chuy's comes in a close second. However for true scrappyness in moving into a complex that is ghost town and surviving and overall best food, service and always having cold bohemia, chuy's wins hands down. Fish tacos are awesome and rival 'picante's' in berkeley.

As for the other posts claiming that there are no good mexican places in Davis... you are high.

That is all. —ebone

2009-01-11 20:15:11   I love this place, I eat quite often in both locations. You get as many chips as you'd like before the meal, and the portions are huge. The daily specials are a pretty good deal, especially Wednesdays when the burritos are $4.50 for a super and $3.50 for a regular. I really like the carintas at the Davis location, and the crispy potato tacos at the Winters location.

They just remodeled in Winters and opened an adjoining Mexican bakery, so it looks pretty nice and still serves up delicious food. They go out of their way to help the community in Winters, making 50+ burritos quite frequently for the SLEWS bunch to be picked up fresh at 7am, way before they officially open. Who else would do that? —ChristyMarsden

2009-01-13 12:49:43   "Chuy" should be ashamed!!!!! the ceviche was awful! since when does jumbo shirmp cut in half and served on a tostada equate to ceviche?!?!?! They couldn't even take the skins off the jumbo shrimp! will never go back there again. the service was nice, but not enough to get me to go back there again. If you know what Authentic (which they claim they are) Mexican food taste like, then this place is no where close to it. [davis location]

2009-01-20 15:48:05   They are quite authentic IMHO. I've lived with a central Mexican family and am married to a Mexican. You have to remember, just like the US, Mexico cuisine is regional. As far as I'm concerned their frijoles refritos, carne asada, and camarones are delicious, as well as all their salsas. Their carne asada tastes just like my mother-in-law's. The Chuy's platillo gives you a lot of food and is a good sampling of their meats. You know a restaurant is authentic if they serve their dishes with rábanos. —J8A

2009-01-25 01:36:31   This place is my favorite for Mexican food in Davis. I try to get something different each time and I haven't been disappointed yet. Honestly, I'm just a sucker for their carne asada tacos and Coke in glass bottle. —MichellePalmer

2009-02-01 19:37:05   Great Winters CA taqueria, but they often run out of guacamole (A taqueria out of guacamole? Oh, my God.), and the shrimp are seriously mediocre. Actually, they are really bad, NOT those fat, tasty Mexican gulf shrimp; theirs are probably from Indonesia (or worse).

We still eat there at least once a week (despite the pretentious Davis residents who are commonly present; but I must admit that some of you are nice). Rellenos and carnitas. Period. Yum. Ask (and please willingly pay) for additional crema. Wonderful staff/service...the Negra Modelo is especially recommended, a few of them will help you deal with us locals. Please enjoy your visit to Winters. —wintersdude

2009-02-23 13:01:41   Chile Verde burrito is great. I just get the regular one and it is still too big to eat in one meal. —LokiAbbi

2009-03-16 21:07:20   Chuy's is great! Prices are modest, portions generous, ingredients fresh, fast service...but their meats are the highlight for me, especially carnitas and lengua. Their tostada ceviche (shrimp) is REALLY good. My new dessert habit...Mmmm. I eat at both stores, and they're consistently good. Winters has remodeled, the atmosphere is much more inviting for diners. I almost feel funny passing through to pick up my To-go orders! Davis retains it's Taqueria Charm. I recommend their nachos with carnitas, for starters. —Linda

2009-03-16 23:05:41   I used to like Chuy's because it was affordable, tasty, right down the street and had that kitschy Mexican charm. But they recently raised their prices to the point where going there is really not worth it anymore. This makes me sad because I like to support local family-owned businesses, but I don't see this one lasting much longer with these prices, particularly given its location. Also, the fact that it's closed on Sundays is incredibly annoying. —jsogul

2009-03-26 21:09:11   Fish tacos are very good, $2.99; Bigger than the regular meat ones and come with avocado. —vladthedestroyer

2009-05-07 16:36:03   I have been meaning to check this place out for ages since I can walk to Westlake Plaza from my house. At first, I was put off because I didn't see any veggie options on the menu. However, I always ask a restaurant if they will make something for me, rather than just walking out. I ordered avocado tacos, and unlike 'ifoundthistape' above, I actually asked the server if the beans were prepared with lard before I ordered them. She confirmed that they do contain lard, so veggies beware, and skip the beans. I sat down & enjoyed a reasonably priced "Sol" beer while I waited for the tacos. The server brought over some chips & salsa for me to munch on without me asking for them, which I thought was a nice gesture considering I was taking the food to go. The salsa was delicious and tasted fresh, with lots of cilantro. Yum! Needless to say, I polished off those chips! Added my own black beans at home, along with some of their salsa (which you can help yourself to & take some to go from the salsa bar), and our tacos were perfect. I'll definitely be walking over again when I'm craving a cold cerveza & some fresh Mexican food. —AprilAries

2009-05-19 17:47:00   Mmmmm tacos de lengua. —JenniferGiang

2009-06-05 00:06:13   I was back through Davis recently for a wedding and I stopped at Chuy's in Winter's for lunch one afternoon. They've redecorated and the place was almost unrecognizable at first. Looks very nice though. The people are just as friendly as always, and the adobada tacos were still quite good. The fish taco I had, while tasty, was rather bland. Not sure if maybe I just went on an off day though. I hope they haven't changed their seasonings for good. That would be quite the shame. —EricKlein

2009-10-02 13:29:44   Chuy's (in Davis) is the kind of restaurant you only go to if you live within walking distance. The prices here are higher than Davis Taqueria and Taqueria Guadalajara, the portions are smaller, and the food is not as good. I've tried the regular burrito, taco salad, and regular tacos so far - all were decent, but just completely outdone by similar dishes at the other Mexican restaurants in town. Couple this with the fact that they are closed on Sundays, and really there is no reason to come here unless you live close by and don't want to drive anywhere else. —JakeJames

2009-11-11 11:18:19   The crispy taco is the tastiest, best lunch deal around. It is huge and delicious and very inexpensive. I also enjoy their Taco Salad with Adobada. —GJC02

2010-08-24 16:47:22   Chile Rellenos are really really good. I am picky about these as I make my own and I hate when you only taste the egg and not the chile or cheese. —LokiAbbi

2010-09-08 22:56:41   Chile relleno was swimming in grease, but that was probably because I ordered it to-go without rice or beans on the side (for absorbency!). Went later and tried the breakfast burrito with huevos rancheros. I may never try anything else off their menu again, because those burritos are filling, reasonably priced, and goooooood (with the jalapenos and spicy salsa). There's a bit of a wait, but that's a given for some solid Mexican food. Even the regular-sized burrito could be halved and saved for later. —JaniceW

2010-09-22 15:39:16   Very mediocre at best. —albinorolypoly

  • Ehhh, I would describe them as extremely ok, most of the time. —JoePomidor

2011-01-10 16:34:29   I have been here several times and so have many of my co-workers. None of us have ever had a greasy relleno. I would have sent it back because something definitley was not right. —LokiAbbi

2011-04-20 17:51:04   I Love Chuy's! They really have great food. YUMMY! —Sherri

2011-07-23 16:35:47   Currently sitting at chuys enjoying my go-to meal a super burrito. We live around the corner and I have to say Chuys is a gem to have nearby. The whole family enjoys coming, and the price is right. —meaghan

2011-07-29 11:53:16   We tried this place out of convenience and feel we found a great place. The ladies we encountered were friendly and accommodating. Refreshing to be welcomed with a genuine smile. The food was fabulously splurgeworthy. I did not expect health food, but it was wholesome and comforting. Prices are very reasonable. The chicken taquitos melted in my mouth, as did the slightly spicy-can't-stop-eating-it salsa. The guacamole was very good, too. One of their burritos passed our table on its way to the next, and looked like it could feed a small family. Next time we'll try the carnitas....stay tuned. —MrsC

2012-06-07 20:29:50   Went here with some friends last week. The food is nice and comforting, but it's a little expensive and not the best Mexican food I've ever had. (Though apparently I may be spoiled in that regard, living in Los Angeles and all...) Service was pretty chill and the adobado is nice. Their salsa was thin and not very spicy.

Due to price and location, I see no reason to come here unless you live close by or it's your convenient option. Taqueria Guadalajara beats Chuy's, and Mariachi is even better I think for what it is. Plus I like their workers and owners better, and their amazing salsa bar. And their radishes. So happy they are there, you have no idea.

Not a bad place though, don't discount them. Plus I haven't tried everything yet, but like I said, due to price and location I'm not extremely likely to for another few months. —AlexTK

2012-06-20 15:03:33   In Davis, I currently can't get enough of their large nachos with chicken. They are perfect on a hot day! I think they are a buck cheaper on either Wednesday or Thursday when it is the daily special. The super chicken burrito is my next favorite. The super burrito is pretty big and half of it plus chips makes a filling meal (save the second half for your next meal)!Their carnitas are either a hit or a miss. When they are good they are excellent. When it is an off day, they are much too dry. Not wanting to gamble, I stick with the chicken as it is consistently juicy and has good flavor. Their breakfast burritos are very yummy and would make a nice Sunday breakfast if they were open on Sundays *sad face*. —Wldrangel

2013-08-11 18:39:52   The Davis restaurant has the best fish tacos I've ever had. Their fish burrito is also good. —TeresaKing

2014-01-15 22:41:38   Just had their Carnitas Soft Tacos, Authentic and Delicious. Very affordable too!!! —GMoney

2014-01-25 18:57:23   This is my FAVORITE restaurant in Davis. I've said it before here, but it is worth mentioning again - they have the BEST fish tacos I've ever had. Also, great staff and very affordable.

2014-02-11 19:36:44   This is my First ever review of anything online. I'm normally a review freeloader who never gives anything back. However, after being convinced to go from the last reviewer who loved their fish tacos, I decided to go. Place is mediocre at best with horribly cheap carne asada and past frozen fish. Guadalajara taqueria is much better in my opinion. —Maximus