Hillstomp at Central Park, 5/11/2006

In 2006, the Davis City Council and ASUCD developed an Entertainment Partnership with the goal to provide joint funding of events held on campus and in the city that will have broad appeal to the whole community but more specifically the student community. The partnership was created to provide more entertainment options for young people in Davis. The events are meant to be free and open to the public.

The May 11, 2006 concert was the first event. Jason Webley headlined the event and Hillstomp opened. Featured vendors were the Hotdogger and Steve's Pizza. it is estimated that over 400 people attended the show.

To listen the bands check out myspace.com/JasonWebley and myspace.com/HillStomp.

The partnership is the brainchild of former ASUCD Presidents Caliph Assagai and Kareem Salem. They proposed the idea to Council Members Stephen Souza and Don Saylor in early Winter quarter 2006. The bands for the May 11th event were originally slated to play at Delta of Venus on this evening until ASUCD Senator Kareem Salem finalized the funding for the partnership with City Council members Don Saylor and Stephen Souza. Souza, particularly, asked for something rocking. The last time Jason Webley played Delta about 300 people stood around the small stage to watch the show.

Every community member should be proactive about not only attending these events but bringing along friends so that the partnership will be a success and events like these will be repeated for many years to come.

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This sounds so awesome. Webley is easily the best live performer I've ever seen.PhilipNeustrom

2006-05-11 14:45:38   I hope Souza gets his wish to see some actual rock action happen in Central Park. I'll be skeptical until I see it, though. —RickEle

2006-06-20 14:37:23   anyone have pics of jason playing? —JamesSchwab