Are you strapped for cash and trying to pinch every last penny? Then you may be interested in taking classes that don't require you to buy those expensive textbooks.

You also might want to check out the Cheap Textbook Guide.

Classes With No Required Books or Readers
Class Professor As Of Comments
BIT 171 John Yoder Spring 2006 Small booklet is provided by instructor.
EAD 116 Niels Jensen Spring 2005 He gives out printed lecture notes in class. You don't have to buy anything.
EAD 169 Denise Krol Spring 2006 She posts lecture notes online, but she did reference the texts from 108 and 166.
ECS Norm Matloff He writes all his own notes and tutorials and distributes them in pdf
ECS 177 Kwan-Liu Ma Winter 2006 No book, but not an easy class. Besides being cheap, you also need to be a masochist to take this.
ETX 030 Art Craigmill Winter 2006 No book.
MAT 22A Spring 2010 There are textbooks suggested, but not required.
MAT 168 Joseph Biello Spring 2006 The book can be found online in PDF format at
MCB 120L All Spring 2006 Everything is located in PDF format at the course website.
MIC 155L Mitch Singer Spring 2006 Lab manual is given to you on a cd, as are additional computer programs used.
PHI 108 Roberta Millstien Winter 2008 All readings are electronic, so you could print them out but nothing else is important.
PHY 112 David Webb Fall 2007 He wrote the book and posts it on the class website.
PHY 102 Richard Scalettar Fall 2006 No book
PHY 104B Richard Scalettar Winter 2007 No book
ENT 156 Steven Nadler and Bob Kimsey Spring 2011 Material entirely slide-presented with PDFs provided.
ENT 10 Bob Kimsey Winter 2012 Material entirely slide-presented with PDFs provided.
Classes With Required Books That Are Never Mentioned or You Really Don't Need
Class Professor As Of Comments
BIS 102 Steve Theg, Ken Hilt Winter 2008 The books are required only to keep them stocked in the bookstore. All books are optional and are on reserves as well.
CHE 105 Ting Gou Spring 2008 The book (Stoog, Principles of Instrument Analysis), isn't very useful, it isn't very used, really it just makes a 180 dollar (used) reference for your lab reports. Warning: the book is also "used" for CHE 115 and 125.
ECS 010 Dean Sniegowski Spring 2006 Like ECS 30 below, you can buy the book but you don't have to. Just don't miss lecture.
ECS 030 Dean Sniegowski, Sean Davis Winter 2006 There is a required book, however you learn everything you need to know in lecture. It makes a good reference, though.
FST 010 Gerry Russell Winter 2007 Only the extra credit questions are pulled from the text, something he tells you up front
POL 051 Aimee Tannehill-Lodigiani Winter 2008 If you've taken STA 013 or AP Statistics, you can totally get away with just lecture slides
ENT 100 Cranston & Gullan Spring 2007 Based entirely on powerpoints
ENT 100 Lynn Kimsey Fall 2011 Material entirely slide-presented with PDFs provided.
Classes With Recommended Books That Are Never Mentioned or You Really Don't Need
Class Professor As Of Comments
ANS 042 Anita Oberbauer Winter 2006 Recommended book in syllabus, but she never mentioned it in class. You don't Really need it.
ENG 006 Larry Lagerstrom Winter 2006 The only thing you really need for this class are the course notes, which are available for free online in PDF form. There is a recommended reference book, but you really don't need it.
GEL 12 Sandy Carlson Winter 2006 There is a book, but she actually said on the first day of class that you don't need to buy it.
NPB 12 Gregg Recanzone Fall 2006 There is a recommended book, but (as he explains in the first lecture) it isn't broad enough to cover everything in the course. Instead, just print out/read his lecture notes and powerpoint slides beforehand, and you'll be fine!
Classes With Only Inexpensive Readers
Class Professor As Of Comments
BIS 103 Oliver Fiehn Winter 2006 The reader is actually every single powerpoint slide he shows in lecture. It isn't in exact order (he sometimes changes his mind) but it helps to have them all pre-printed and bound. They are also available on his website in the order displayed in lecture.
EEC 130B André Knoessen Spring 2008 This prof has written his own excellent "course notes" that are pretty much a textbook. He gives you the PDF for free, but there is still the option of getting them printed out at Kinkos for $22. Fun class overall for electrical engineering majors.
EXB 010 Shaffrath/Salitsky Fall 2006 Fun and easy class, but you need to attend for it to remain easy.
MIC 102L Mann Spring 2006 Just a cheap, unbound lab manual.
Fictional and Non-Official Classes
Class Professor As Of Comments
MAT 023 Barnabas Truman Fall 2006 It All Started With Pythagoras and Principia Discordia recommended but not required.