Davis is home to a wide variety of music groups and opportunities. There's always a new rock/metal/punk what-have-you group popping up and having gigs, but before there was rock, there was classical music performed by classical music groups.

Choirs are groups of singers who perform in ensembles. By using sub-groups within the choir, you get harmony! Davis High School Madrigal Singers and Davis Chamber Choir perform music that includes the classical era.

Quartets are groups of instrumental performers playing music together. These often consist of violins, violas, and cellos. The Baroque Ensemble is in this category. There are multiple quartets that spring forth from classes in the Department of Music.

Orchestras are large groups of instrumental performers playing music together, led by conductors. The Cal Aggie Band-Uh! also has conductors; theirs stand on ladders during performances. Local orchestra choices include the Davis High School Orchestra and the University Symphony Orchestra.