Program Office
7th Floor Sproul Hall
Program Director
Emily Albu

The UC Davis Classics department offers 2 different majors, as well as 3 minors. The majors include a Classical Civilizations track, as well as a Classical Languages and Literature track. If you are considering graduate school in Classics, you should take the Languages track.

Minors include Classical Civ, Greek and Latin. A minor in Classics only requires 1 year of language study, while a minor in Greek or Latin requires 2 years of study, much less than other language programs.

A Post-Baccalaureate Certificate is also offered for students who need to develop their Greek and Latin before applying to grad school


The most popular course in the department tends to be CLA 10: Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Mythology. This course rotates professors regularly, and tends to be offered every quarter.

Internal Culture

Many students like myself, DaveyReed, in the Classics department enjoy Star Trek, so if you ever need someone to watch it/talk about it with, contact us!

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2008-02-03 23:45:52   Classics rocks my socks. —EliYani

2009-04-01 21:17:15   A very welcoming department where you can make a home in this big university! —jsg718