Cliff Smith
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Lic  #909751,  Bonded

Cliff Home Specialties is an independent contractor, Cliff Smith.    He has been repairing homes and businesses in Davis since 2002, in addition to over 12 years of experience repairing commercial electromechanical systems (elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters).

Cliff Home Specialties wants to work with you to provide the best solutions for your home, providing free quotes for hourly and flat rate jobs, and obtaining all permits needed to comply with city, county and state codes.

 Cliff's Electrical Specialties:

  • Troubleshooting & Code Corrections
  • Main Service Panel Upgrades
  • LED Recessed Lighting & Controls
  • Dedicated 240V. Electric Car (EVSE) & Appliance Circuits
  • Arc-Fault Circuits, Receptacles & Switches
  • GFCI Circuits, Receptacles & Switches
  • Dedicated Feeder Circuits & Panels for Spas, Hot Tubs And Fountains
  • Outdoor Security And Landscape Lighting
  • Lighting & Ceiling Fan Installation.

Cliff's Plumbing & Other Specialties:

  • Toilet Installation & Flush Valve Replacement
  • Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Water Heater Installation & Code Compliance
  •  Kitchen & Bath Faucet Installation
  • Shut off Valve Replacement (Toilet, Faucet & Washer)
  •  Hose Bibs
  •  Irrigation Controls
  •  Irrigation Valve Replacement (Above Ground Only)
  •  Fixed Appliance Installation
  •  Range Hood Replacement (Under Cabinet)                                                                                


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2015-02-16 21:06:08   Cliff is awesome! I had him come out to my condo the other day to fix some electrical stuff. He is very personable and fun to talk with, he does great work, and the prices are reasonable too! I would recommend him to anyone looking to get some work done. He does both electrical and plumbing in addition to some other work. I only had him do electrical, but judging how well he did this job I would imagine he would be awesome for all of the specialities he lists on this page. —MatveiVevitsis

Could not be happier with Cliff from A to Z!  He is prompt, returns calls, does awesome work and is just a really pleasant dude to be around.  Relaxed and professional.  I highly endorse him!  Adam Sutkus

2015-11-09 18:55:40   Cliff Smith does great work, and is a very pleasant person to have in your home. My introduction to Cliff was as the electrician on a garage conversion project, which in Davis is nothing short of a major remodeling. We had to put in all new electrical service, which was handled competently by Cliff. The garage is now wired with 220 volt circuits that can handle plug in car charging as well as serious shop equipment. The usual hassles with the building inspectors were a constant annoyance, but Cliff just maintained his cheerful demeanor and carried on. After one particularly outrageous required change, significant tear out and replacement was needed. I found out later that he had eaten the cost. Can't complain at all. I've had Cliff back for much smaller jobs that have been just fine. He's such an easy going guy that he had no problem as I inserted myself right into the projects. I learned a lot and might have saved a little as well. His charges are reasonable and the quality of his work great. —Schmidlap

2017-01-31 16:44:28   Cliff is my go-to electrician. He is a rare contractor who is punctual, providing updates if projects are running ahead or behind schedule. He is a pleasure to work with and offers helpful suggestions on possible project upgrades. The quality of his work is outstanding and his fees are very reasonable. After living in Davis for 23 years, I know of no other electrician that I would turn to for electrical work. I give him my highest recommendation. Chip Sundstrom —FJSundstrom

2017-03-09 21:59:21   Cliff is great! We recently contracted with him to do some electrical work at our home. He meets all of the criteria of someone you would want to do work on your home - reasonably priced, quality work, returns calls, efficient, on time, communicative, and very personable. We highly recommend him. Nancy and Chuck Kaufman —NKaufman

2020-07-22 11:47:44   I wish I could shower Cliff with more praise than this, but that would be impossible. For years Cliff has been my go-to guy for all-things home: small plumbing, project help, and especially electrical. Recently we had to prepare our house for sale and Cliff handled all of the tricky and numerous issues and also worked with our realtor to make sure the inspections were handled correctly. It is SO DANG rare to find a person who is skilled, licensed, a personally super friendly guy and always pleasant, shows up on time and always returns texts or calls. Just top notch- you should not look any further for ANY type of repair assistance... and if for some reason Cliff does not have the time or particular skills you may need (although I've yet to see this!), he will help you find the right person in his network that he can recommend. I wish I could package Cliff up and take him to our new state with us, but alas, not do be-- best call you'll ever make, period! -Adam Sutkus —adamcyrussutkus