Social Sciences & Humanities 5211
12:00pm - 1:30 pm Fridays

Club H.I.A. is a campus organization sponsored by the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas. It is open to all undergraduates with an interest in Latin America and/or the Caribbean.

Are you interested in Latin America? Interested in Going to Latin America? Have been to Latin America? Are Latin American? Want to practice Spanish, Portuguese, Quechua, etc? Interested in co-ed soccer, foreign films, activism, dance, etc?

If any of the above applies to you, check out Club H.I.A.

This goal of this new organization is to create networking and community among students from diverse areas of the Americas. Also, goals of Club HIA are to raise awareness and dialogue of current Latin American issues and to also create an atmosphere of community. This is an open community, accepting all people from different backgrounds, trying to connect with the commonality of Latin American and Caribbean interest.