Natalie Wormeli
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Code Pink, or CODEPINK, is a women initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement that seeks positive social change through proactive, creative protest and non-violent direct action.

Their current campaign is the "Mandate for Peace". In their words, "we insist that the newly elected Congress in its earliest days in office pass legislation requiring the prompt removal of all US troops from Iraq and discontinue funding for military purposes in Iraq except the safe withdrawal of all U.S. forces". For more information about CodePink's Mandate for Peace, visit the website.

Code Pink is now in the process of strengthening the regional offices, developing new decision-making structures, providing greater support to local groups, doing outreach to get more women involved, and developing new campaigns.

Program Areas

Peacemaking and militarism

  • Supporting the International Occupation Watch Center in Baghdad
  • Peace delegations to Israel-Palestine, North & South Korea, Burma, and Iraq

Life-affirming economic priorities

  • Books not Bombs in support of local libraries

Civil liberties

  • Education and advocacy of grassroots efforts to prevent passage of Patriot Act II

Environmental Sustainability

  • Sustainability
  • Advocacy of more fuel efficient cars
  • Support efforts to close Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York

Responsible Media and Reporting

  • Preserve diversity, localism, and competition
  • Work to stop the implementation of the FCC ownership rulings

Elections and Voter Registration

  • Encourage women and other minorities to register to vote