The subject of this entry no longer exists in Davis or is a former version of something that came afterwards.All information here is for historical reference only.

Peter Vandendriesse and Alain Glanzman
February 2009

CollegeWingman is a locally owned website for college students that allows people to review local restaurants, bars, and clubs. Establishments that are especially well reviewed are given the label of "dank," accompanied by a graphic of a hamburger with a marijuana leaf in it. The site currently caters exclusively to students at UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.

The site was created by Synaptix Development, a design firm out of New Zealand, for their clients Vandendriesse and Glanzman, UCD undergraduates and brothers of Sigma Chi. The site runs a modified version of N2CMS.


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2009-02-22 14:16:27   The site seems to run rather slowly, crashes pretty often, and I have trouble taking any site seriously that lumps Pizza Guys and Sudwerk into the same price range. Also, since I'm not a stoner, the "dank" label sounds alternately juvenile or reminiscent of a little-used basement. I'll take the wiki over this site any day of the week! —JoePomidor

2009-02-22 15:05:40   "Dank" sounds rather dark and moldy to me. Probably not what I look for in a restaurant... —IDoNotExist

2009-02-22 15:28:18   Dank definedCovertProfessor

2009-02-22 16:09:22   Yes, I thought "dank" meant badly reviewed restaurants and so did not bother looking at them. —EricaMacGregor

2009-02-22 18:15:27   Yes...all that slang is rather silly. Fortunately the site is made for students, presumably between the ages of 18 and 24. —AndrewBianchi

2009-02-22 18:52:10   Yeah, the slang apparently is not dank. ;-) —IDoNotExist

2009-02-24 21:31:36   So the site seemed to be running pretty fast when I checked...and that's saying something because I was pretty blazed. Looks like they know their audience ;) Found that late-night munchies spot I was looking for. Dank! —Grindin1ncagain

  • The above comment left by one of the founders of the website.

2009-02-24 21:51:59   It looks to me like they grabbed at least the photo for Taqueria Davis from this very wiki. Compare for yourself. —JasonAller

2009-02-24 21:54:08   This site is pretty much Urbanspoon with a stoner motif and a difficult to use interface. There wasn't much information about any restaurants, the pages where cluttered, poorly organized and overrun with adverts, and even with the above link I have no idea why i would want to go to a "dank" place. I can't see this taking off with the wiki providing pretty much the same service much much much better. —AndrewPeake

2009-02-24 21:54:16   I would concur with Jason Aller, it would appear we got "ganked" —StevenDaubert

2009-02-24 23:00:33   Caffe Italia was stolen as well, along with Sophia's Thai Kitchen link, Lamppost Pizza link, Sam's Mediterranean link, Thai Recipes link,Bakers Square link, 21 and Seven link, Aioli Bodega Espanola link, Tucos link, Symposium link, Farmer's Kitchen Cafe link, Cafe Mediterranee link, Red Orchid Restaurant link, 3rd & U Cafe link, Froggy's link, and they appear to have stolen this image directly off the Davis Airporter website, and this image off of the Konditorei website. —JoePomidor

2009-02-24 23:19:08   Everything on here is licensed under Creative Commons, so using the images is legitimate, but they failed to credit the wiki, which means they've violated its copyright. —IDoNotExist

  • True, but then again it's definitely illegal when they steal an image from an establishment's own webpage, such as from Osteria Fasulo. —JoePomidor
  • Using the images is not legitimate. These people aren't the copyright holders for these images. Since these people have not complied with the license, it's like the license has never existed for them. They're simply a commercial outfit reproducing another person's copyrighted work, without permission, for profit. It's illegal.wl

Email sent:

Peter Vandendriesse and Alain Glanzman,

It looks like on your website, CollegeWingman (, you use
numerous images from the Davis Wiki ( without attribution.

The material on the Davis Wiki is contributed by the community at large and is available
for anyone, commercial or otherwise, to use as they wish.  However, attribution to the
Davis Wiki *must* be given when the material is used.  Please see
for more information.  This is also noted in the footer of each page of the wiki.

Please add add attribution to the Davis Wiki where these images are used.  Some (but likely
 not all) locations of images that were lifted from the Davis Wiki:

Philip Neustrom
Executive Director
Wiki Spot / Davis Wiki

2009-02-25 17:19:53   I'd like to address all of the legitimate issues that people have brought up. We are not trying to hide the fact that our users have uploaded images from DavisWiki. CollegeWingman is by no means trying to infringe upon DavisWiki or any of their affiliates. As we are a new site, we have not gotten a chance to work out all of the kinks. Therefore we would appreciate it if you cut us a little slack. At this point we can do one of two things: 1. Delete every image that our users took from DavisWiki or 2. Give credit to DavisWiki somewhere in our site (where would you like us to put this)

Any other concerns can be brought up with either myself or Peter. Thanks for the feedback. -Alain —acglanzman

  • So are you asking the Daviswiki community what to do? If so, I say delete them all if you're not willing to place an attribution on each one.

2009-02-25 17:38:43   Like I said before...we have no problem crediting the "Daviswiki Community". We are adding the attributions right now. Please let us know which other pictures came from Daviswiki and we'll make note of it on our site. We have no way of knowing where our users take their photos from so we apologize if our website caused you any offense. —acglanzman

From my quick look at the site, all of the images came from either the Davis Wiki or were lifted directly from the businesses' websites. You guys didn't add these images yourselves or pay people to? —PhilipNeustrom

2009-02-25 18:19:56   Not sure I understand your question Philip. The majority of the pictures on CollegeWingman were taken by our photographer. —acglanzman

2009-02-25 18:54:14   So the attributions to DavisWiki have now been added to CollegeWingman. From here on out any questions or concerns can be brought to our attention by using the (Contact Us) function on our website. Thanks again for your feedback. —acglanzman

2009-02-25 19:35:13   Don't rush off. It looks like your Terms & Agreements page was lifted word-for-word from the website

If they have to rip off a T&C, they should at least rip off one that was competently written. An essential element of a contract is acceptance. If all parties do not accept the contract, no contract exists. A visitor is not informed of the agreement before they use the site, thus there is no acceptance. Even putting that issue aside, the amendment provisions suffer from the same problems. You cannot unilaterally change the terms of a contract without notification. The other party must be notified of changes in some way and they must accept them.

Another laughable provision is the prohibition of using anything on the site in litigation or arbitration. Such a provision would be found unconscionable because it interferes with due process rights. Come on, really? Also, the linking provisions are bogus. Linking does not necessarily constitute use of the site, so you can't bind people under an agreement that only covers use. —wl

  • Actually, they put a link to the site over here at Davis Wiki, which means that we can create derivative works under the Creative Commons-By License. :) —BrentLaabs