College Park is not just a park, but an upscale neighborhood, across the street from UC Davis and built in a big circle. College Park is also the name of the road that loops through the neighborhood. The big grassy area at the southern end of the block formed by the loop College Park (the road) makes is called "College Park" on maps of Davis.

At the northern end of the loop the road makes, there are barriers so no cars may pass between College Park and the end of Eureka Avenue that is just south of 8th Street. Bicycles and pedestrians may pass through, however. The wooden poles that block vehicular access were placed there largely because of students and other UC-related folk using College Park as a shortcut between Fifth and Eighth. Mums the word, but STD notes that the 2nd pole inwards starting East is normally left unlocked, and is relatively light.

This neighborhood was developed to help the university recruit faculty. Lots were sold for $475 to $500. The earliest homes in College Park were built over 70 years ago, and were considered "out in the country" (Miller Drive and A Street north of Fifth was a sheep pasture until after WWII).

The house on the corner of College Park and Russell Boulevard is the I-House. Next door, is the house designated for use by the Chancellor of UC Davis.

Also consult the comprehensive info for Davis parks, Maps

College Park is the most beautiful neighborhood in Davis. I advise pedestrians and bikers to go out of their way to use it to get between Fifth and Eighth Streets.RishiTrivedi I would concur, even thought the street is kinda round, it's still has some of the best tree cover in Davis. I adore the house that is directly East of the barriers. StevenDaubert

Pshaw...You take your college yuppiness, I'll go for the bohemian vibe of Manor any day. TobinJones