Dependent on Current Interns
Contact Information
College Works Painting, California
2020 Main St Suite 600
Irvine, CA. 92614
Phone: 888-450-9675
Fax: 714-564-8725
CSLB License Info
License # 759682
Payment Method(s)
Check Only

"We offer:

  1. Free estimates

  2. Affordable paint jobs

  3. Flexible cost

  4. Local, well trained college students will manage your project and its painters.

  5. One of the largest residential contractors in the country.

  6. We use well trained painters on all jobs so that our clients get the quality that is expected of any contractor.

  7. Over 10,000 homes painted last year (help us make you one of those 13,000 satisfied customers).

  8. $3,000,000 in liability coverage.

Call today and we will tell you why it takes a college education to paint your home."

NOTE: Licensing Information located via http://www.ca.gov/


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2009-09-20 13:42:56   Seeing as you have a phone number here, where is the lic # ? —StevenDaubert

2010-02-01 23:57:32   As I understand it, College Works hires students all around the country, trains them, and gives them the tools to run their own mini-businesses as a sort of twist on a franchise system. It's typically a summer job. The concept always struck me as kind of shady, but my parents had their house in Livermore painted by a CW group (managed by a UCD student!) and had great results. I'm sure it's been at least 10 years now, and as far as I know there have been no complaints with the paint. That said, there's probably a lot of variance from one "manager" to the next. —TomGarberson

2010-04-03 11:42:11   I just called both numbers. One is disconnected and the other does not belong to College Works Painting. —PatLenzi1

2010-04-03 16:26:25   There's another phone number on the website linked above. It may be a national thing, though, rather than the local branch(es). You could check with them to see what's available in the area. —TomGarberson

2010-11-01 20:26:29   I've heard not-good things about College Works, specifically about working for College Works. I Googled it and found this: http://forums.redflagdeals.com/student-works-painting-hiring-painters-541187/2/ so be careful if you're considering working for them. —BrianSparks

2011-01-25 14:47:18   These guys are total crooks. I saw notices all over UC Davis campus today. They violate numerous California labor laws and keep interns on board with promises of pay without ever actually paying them. They've been banned from marketing on campus and students are supposed to notify the campus police if approached by them. —Doogle

2011-02-24 16:54:03   The numbers that I have edited were for an intern and his helper who were part of the program during one summer. I tried contacting them and have been told that they no longer work with the program. I would suggest looking into the information updated above if interested in their services or searching online if interested in the credibility of the program. —aviDavis

2011-02-24 18:50:00   If you provide a phone number, once again YOU NEED TO INCLUDE RELEVANT LICENSES OF LIC CONTRACTORS OR CSLB WILL COME INTO PLAY!

Aggie did an interesting article on College works as of late... —StevenDaubert

2011-02-25 13:44:54   Information was taken from their website since erasing the info entirely was not acceptable. Now edited for Licensing info. Please note that I do not work for CWP nor am I advocating or denouncing them. The edits were made to help others as the information was incorrect. Also, while I did update the license number, please note that there were only 2 DavisWIKI entries found via http://daviswiki.org/Home_Improvement_%26_Repair for Painting that included a License number and that a simple search would have allowed one to locate the CSLB Information. —aviDavis

2015-02-26 14:06:56   College Works painted my home last summer (2014) and I cannot recommend them to anyone. The person who signs you up, no matter how personable and promising, will be attempting to oversee your house painting while still working diligently to sign up more customers. Prepare for your house painting to get the short end of the stick. At the end of a work day, ladders, bundled tarps, and equipment may be left in a way that makes exiting your house difficult, if not dangerous. Your house may be taped and then left for days before the paint crew arrives. The tape may be of lower quality, meaning hot weather will cause the glue to adhere to your window frames. The paint crew and their leader may have the painting experience of a few summers at best. It is not enough. The paint job must be carefully checked more than once by the homeowner for missed areas and thin coverage. Tarps will be spread, but brushes will be cleaned and shaken over your plants, garden hoses, landscape rocks, etc. Painters with wet paint on clothes and hands will sit on your patio furniture. In addition to all of that, in my case a storm door screen was torn and there was a long period of waiting for the door company to obtain a replacement. I withheld an amount of payment to cover that until after the new screen was in place. While still waiting for that, I received a call from a College Works supervisor asking for final payment and indicating I owed much more than I figured - in spite of the fact that throughout the process I had regularly confirmed figures with the job leader. Turns out the discount offered at signup is only for what is recorded on the contract that day. If your house requires any additional coat, which it easily could, the discount does not apply to that. When it was all finally over, I wrote to College Works in Irvine to express my disappointment and received in reply an unsigned form letter. I'll never contract with them again and I warn you against them too. I chose them because the price seemed low. I will be happy to pay more in the future for a better experience and result. —FayeAshley