202 Life Sciences
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M-F: 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm
(530) 752-0410
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General Information

The UC Regents approved the creation of the College of Biological Sciences on July 21, 2005. While most of the structure of the division stayed the same, there were some changes and updates given their new status.

From the UC Davis General Catalog: "The Division of Biological Sciences is an intercollege unit that coordinates campuswide programs in basic biology and administers undergraduate programs in the core disciplines of biology on behalf of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the College of Letters and Science."

The Dean's Office for the College of Biological Sciences is located in 202 Life Sciences Building, on the corner of Hutchison Drive and Kleiber Hall Drive.

The Dean's Office has advising for all BIS, and Undeclared Life Sciences students, and functions as a Dean's Office for all biological sciences majors regardless of their college affiliation.

Appointments can be scheduled up to a week in advance by calling 530-752-0410. However, for most issues, it is best to come into drop-in advising. Drop-in advising runs from 1pm-4pm Monday through Thursday. However, the list may come closed early depending on the crowd and availability of advisors. There are also Peer Advisors available at these times.

Current Peer Advisors: Ruwan Ekanayake, Christopher Le, Ashlei Jackovac, Eleanor Martin

Earlier Peer Advisors: Cyrus Taghavi, Nilu Singh, Shannon Smith, Lisa Gershman, Jyothi Bhat, ...

The Undergraduate Programs

There are 6 sections within the College. These six sections offer 8 majors. The Biological Sciences major is a College-wide major, drawing from all the sections within the College. Thus, the 9 majors and 6 minors offered through the Division of Biological Sciences are:

Enrichment Programs