Comics can include web comics, print comics such as those in newspapers, comic books and manga. While some believe comics are generally for children the medium has a long history of adult readers and material dating back to the early 20th century. The moral scare leading into the 1950s culminated in the Comics Code Authority, which pushed comics to rather vanilla stories that tended to appeal to children. Years later, reflecting a greater openness in society, underground comics like those from R. Crumb (who lived over in Winters) became cultural markers for the hippie and counterculture movement that was so highly visible in Northern California. By the 1980s, comics were mined by Hollywood for the largest blockbuster films, with 1989's Batman setting boxoffice records. That continues to today, with films for both families and adult-themed movies being inspired by the comic industry.

Davis used to be host to a handful of comic book stores, but Bizarro World was the only remaining until Drom's Comics and Cards opened in 2008. More are available in greater Sacramento, and of course a smaller selection of comic books and graphic novels are often available at other retailers, such as book stores.

Where to get comics in Davis

Locally Owned Shops

Large Company Stores

  • Target carries a few titles (as does nearby Wal-Mart). You can't subscribe or pre-order the way you can at either comic or book stores.

Also see

Comics, especially retail, are often found in association with roleplaying games due to a historical overlap between the fan base.

Former Stores:


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The end zone was one of the more notably comic book stores as it actually had space for tourneys —StevenDaubert

2010-01-26 17:31:04   The End Zone is the only one I remember, and IIRC they were not really a comic shop, more of a card gaming and sport card shop. They did have a ton of play space however, I ran several Legend of the 5 Rings tournaments there back in the day. —rfrazier