The mayor having a compassionate conversation

Compassion Corner, 3rd St. & C St. SE corner
Created by
David Breaux
Completion and dedication

The Compassion Bench is a functional art sculpture/public bench located on Compassion Corner in Downtown Davis. It is the brainchild of "Compassion Guy" David Breaux.

David got permission from AT&T (who owns the property) and organized volunteers to build a cob "compassion bench" there. The bench was designed by cob master Brennan Bird. The ceramic inlay art is by locally famous ceramic tile artists Donna Billick and Mark Rivera.


Public announcement Community work party announcement Building Dedication planned

Compassion Bench front Compassion Bench back

Detail of the artwork Gratitude left window Compassion is... right window Listening imagine Empathy Understanding 4giving


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2013-06-18 14:16:52   What is your written definition of the word compassion?

Compassion bench looks super cool now that it's done. —StevenDaubert

2013-12-19 14:34:47   This is fantastic. —Angel.York