There are lots of places around Davis to get delicious fresh-baked goods. If you want to try them all, then maybe this list will help. Or check out other dessert options in Davis.

Specifically related are donuts and cupcakes.

Departed Businesses:

Starting in January, not-fresh-baked Girl Scout Cookies are widely available.

Where are the best cookies, pastries, and baked goods?

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2008-08-05 09:02:43   Absolutely the best chocolate chip cookie in California is baked fresh everyday at the Davis Food Co-op. No one else comes close. —dwlotter

Their Muffins are also very good, but expensive. Their layered cakes near the ice creams are good deals, as you can cut them into 4 pieces $2.5 each, bring them to work, and they are bigger and better than the 2-3$ cakes you can buy on campus.

2009-05-28 08:02:16   The Upper Crust Baking Co. are the hands down winner in the cookie department! They have THE MOST DELICIOUS Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin cookies on Earth. Find them at the Davis Farmer's Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. YUM! —gigialexandra

2009-05-28 08:46:22   I am a big fan of the CoHo cookies, squares, and cakes. They are less expensive than others around town, they are always fresh, and always tasty. I like that they are always trying new things, and I like that the money goes to ASUCD. —CovertProfessor

They also don't use corn products in their food, which is fantastic because I am allergic to corn. I asked and they actually went back and checked: wheat flour. Best brownie I've had in a while. —nutmeg

2013-01-13 15:46:56   I like Mishka's carrot bar... It's on the sweeter side, but that's why you pair it with coffee! —HannahToru