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Coral Bay Family Dentistry is the local dentistry of Tracey Cook, DDS.


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2009-08-24 17:59:32   Staff try to be nice, but they make an incredible effort to extract the last penny they can out of your insurance and your pocket. Doctor covered a cavity on upper left side and damaged an old fill by scratching on the tooth right below when trying to match the bite. I was in great pain during a couple of days due to the lower tooth scratching (never had felt pain there before) and asked for an appointment to fix it. The receptionist asked me to come next day first thing in the morning. The doctor did not recognize she damaged the old fill by scratching it and charged me the full amount and $50 extra for the rush appointment. Finally, the last visit of the year for a regular cleaning was curiosly billed for exactly the full amount left in my insurance coverage and at a much higher price than regular ones. General check-ups, evaluations and other fees were added to match the total amount left in my coverage. —Maga

2011-01-11 11:56:31   This place is awful. Avoid it like cavities. —NateKingsbury

2012-06-19 10:59:54   Cook is great. I have her do all my dental work. Never had problems with my coverage. We try to find the best options to care for my teeth. —Lisa530

2016-04-05 11:29:37   Dr, Cook has been my dentist for the last 14 years and I have been very pleased with her and her staff the entire time. She is conservative in recommending procedures, but when I have had work done it has been excellent. Hygienists have been courteous and thorough with my cleanings. Charges are carefully explained in advance and the billing procedures here are no different than in other offices that I have visited. —JulinMaloof