Sunset at intersection of Covell and Lake Blvd Covell Boulevard (pronounced by long-time Davis residents as "CO-vull", rather than the more common "co-VELL") is one of the main streets in DavisCovell Boulevard was named after Calvin A. Covell, a prominent farmer/rancher, businessman, and politician. The Covell Ranch's southern boundary was County Road 31, which is today's Covell Boulevard.  

The street spans West Davis, North Davis, and East Davis, The railroad tracks demarcate the western and eastern halves of the road. It is the last Davis exit as you travel north on Highway 113, .

Heading west, Covell turns into County Road 31 to Winters. The large road becomes County Road 93A, and merges with Russell Boulevard including taking its name, even though the drivers don't change roads. At Interstate 505 at the edge of Winters, it becomes Highway 128, which goes all the way to the coast, where it joins up with Highway 1 south of Mendocino. It's an absolutely gorgeous drive, and it takes a nice amount of time because of all the twists and turns. This is the way to get to Lake Berryessa with its Glory Hole, and the several of the spectacular UC Natural Reserves.

Heading East, Covell curves, and becomes Mace Boulevard by Harper Junior High School and Mace Ranch.

Covell is sometimes confused with Cowell Boulevard due to the similar spellings. It is rarely confused with Covell Place, due to the obscurity of this East Davis cul-de-sac.

This road is often used as an example in pavement engineering courses (ECI 179) to illustrate the different types of cracking and stresses that may occur in flexible (asphalt) pavements.


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2005-12-17 00:23:50   Once you get out of town Covell smells like poo. —AndrewBanta

2006-05-14 17:53:27   Everyone drives 10+ miles under the speed limit and they never pay attention to what they're doing but the rest of Davis is like that too. —BryonWright

2006-10-25 13:00:35   We used to call the stretch between Monarch Lane and the Mace Overpass the "Mace Curve" or the "Autobahn" because there were no cross streets and no Speed limit signs. Covell is the route most of us in South Davis took to get to Davis High School back in the olden days of the early Gay Nineties. —AdamFlowers