The Covell Greenbelt is a section of the Davis Greenbelt that connects to Community Park, Covell Park, and Northstar Parks, and Senda Nueva Greenbelts. It is located in North Davis, in the Covell Park neighborhood. The greenbelt has at least one set of bathrooms on the east end (there are maps along the pathways to help you along).

Consumption of alcohol is permitted in the Greenbelt under Municipal Code 26.04.020.

Also along the Covell Greenbelt are 3 sculptures of dogs. Real dogs are often found walking their owners through the greenbelt, though some may trust their humans and let them get exercise without a leash.

A shady path.

One section of the greenbelt.

Nice, big grassy area

Large dominoes

A pond

Cherry blossoms in the Spring

Does anyone know the significance of these mysterious numbered greenbelt signs?