In most locations, Davisites must wait for the trains to cross over Train Tracks. However, trains are often parked on the tracks near Covell Boulevard which would block traffic. Solution: Overpass! This is one of the few "hills" in Davis. On the south side of the east embankment right before the beginning of the railing is a break in the trees and this is one of the only places in Davis for downhill mountain biking. One side of the overpass is on J Street, the other is on F Street. H Street ends under this overpass. This also marks the location where Covell is split into East Covell Boulevard and West Covell Boulevard.

under the overpass View from atop the overpass.

Under the overpass is a bike path that connects the north davis greenbelt to the H Street bike tunnel. Students of Holmes who lived in North Davis likely are quite familiar with this path.