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Routesetters and audience at Cow Crank I: The Anti-Comp

Cow Crank I flyer image, circa 1991


Cow Crank is UC Davis' annual rock climbing competition. The competition takes place at the campus indoor climbing wall (previously in the Rec Hall, now in the ARC). Everybody is eligible to compete regardless of their affiliation with the university. The first Cow Crank was subtitled "The Anti-Comp" to distinguish it from the much more serious Cal Crank held at UC Berkeley. The winner of the first Cow Crank was the person who got the closest to average score on the climbs, rather than the person with the highest score. Some of the sponsors were uncomfortable with the format and insisted on giving a rope as a prize also to the highest scoring climber. 

The exact date of Cow Crank changes from year to year and follows no set pattern, but it typically takes place sometime between February and April.

Most of the Cow Crank competitions have had specific themes, previous themes have included:

  • 2008-04-26 11AM-5PM Cow Crank 17 with presentation by Justen Sjong from 5:30PM-6:30PM. $15. Prizes.
  • 2007-06-03 Cow Crank 16
  • 2006-02-25 Cow Crank 15
  • 2005-04-16 Cow Crank 14 — Moovin' On Up! (on Picnic Day 2005)
  • 2004 Cow Crank 13
  • 2003 Cow Crank 12 — Mooami Vice.
  • 2002 Cow Crank 11 — Off the Cowch Crank
  • 2001 Cow Crank 10 — Enter the Moo-Tang