This bike won't be used to run stop signs any time soon

Davis has a reputation as a safe community, but it is not without some crime. Besides bike theft (which is practically guaranteed to happen to unlocked bikes), the occasional violent crime, such as sexual assault, does occur. Sacramento suffers from a poorer reputation in this regard, but things have been improving lately, especially around their Downtown area. In early 2011, Davis experienced a rash of Catalytic Converter Theft.

Crime Prevention Tips: When you are not home hide your valuables! Check your locks on doors and windows and replace them with secure devices as necessary. Pushbutton locks on doorknobs are easy for burglars to open. Install deadbolt locks on all your outside doors. Sliding glass doors are vulnerable. Other windows may need better locks. Check with a locksmith or hardware store for alternatives. Make your home looks occupied, and make it difficult to break in. Leave your lights on even earlier mornings when you leave for work. Turn on your radio when you leave. Trim your shrubbery around your home to reduce cover for burglars. Be a good neighbor. For more tips, see iSeeDavis's interview with a DPD officer.

If you are the victim of a non-violent crime (such as theft, vandalism or harrassment), you can now file a crime report online with the Davis Police Department.

Crime Maps and Arrest Logs

Find out how safe your neighborhood or any other area is.

Crime Data

Residential Burglaries Alert 08/01/2005 : From July 25th through August 1, 2005, there were a total of 9 residential burglaries in Davis, which brought the total to 28 residential burglaries. The crimes are being committed on Monday (66.6%) and Wed-Sat (33.4%) from noon — 6:00 pm (50%) and 8:00 — 10 am (25%) in apartments (55.5%) and Residences (45.5%)

Hate Crimes

See also incidents of racism. Suspect on far right beneath the Stevenson Bridge

  • March 10, 2013: Mikey Partida severely beaten. According to the Vanguard, Mr. Partida had attended a party at his cousin's apartment and apparently left his keys there and returned to retrieve them, "when a man began kicking and beating him while yelling homophobic slurs." He suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on his brain, multiple fractured bones in his face and a laceration to his head that left a pool of blood on the lawn where he was beaten. Clayton Garzon, a 19 year old Davis resident, was arrested on March 14, 2013 in connection with this incident and charged with Assault causing Great Bodily Injury, Committing a Hate Crime, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Stalking, Committing a felony while on release from custody, and inflicting great bodily injury during the commission of a felony.
    • ABC10 had an interview with Partida (interview can't be found anymore, d.d. July 2019).
    • March 28th, 2013: Suspect Clayton Garzon (seen in photo on right) is out on bail again (he was already out on bail for an unrelated stabbing).
  • May 2012: Ashveer Pal Singh's turban knocked off. In the Sikh religion "Uncut hair, covered by a turban, is a way of connecting to God. It identifies a person as a part of the Sikh community. No one is allowed to touch the turban. The turban is like a part of the body. It is personal space, sacred. The significance of the turban evolved from the historical persecution of Sikhs by other religious groups. At one time, scalps of Sikhs could be sold for a reward. It takes about 20 minutes to tie a turban. When tied correctly a turban is very secure. Knocking a turban off another's head is extremely disrespectful." Kevin McCarty has been accused of a hate crime as a result of the incident.


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2006-02-08 17:44:04   There sure have been a lot of indecent exposure incidents in Davis lately. Or at least a lot of emails about them. —RoyWright

2006-02-08 18:25:55   Roy, over the long term it doesn't feel like it is that out of the ordinary. It used to be that the UC Davis Police Department would print the crime announcement out and campus mail them. Now with e-mail they get much better coverage. —JasonAller

Here is something I found while delving for other information, should probably go somewhere.

========================[ H U M O U R N E T ]=======================

SUBJ: The Perils of Sheer Stupidity
Excerpted from The Davis (CA) Enterprise, Aug 3, 1997

A Davis man who allegedly stole another man's vehicle was arrested
Friday when he went to the car owner's house and demanded his
personal items from the car.

David Joseph Carrozzo, 19, allegedly stole a 1986 Honda Civic on
July 18 from the Amtrak parking lot, 840 Second St. The owner
reported it missing the next day, and on July 20, a Davis police
officer found it at West Manor Park.

A teenage boy nearby admitted to knowing who had stolen the car, but
would not reveal the name, so the officer returned the car to the

[Editor's Note: Carol adds, "In Davis, the town where snoring too
loudly can get you a citation for violating the noise ordinance,
the police have to let you go if you still won't talk after they say
'pretty please with sugar on it.'" These guys apparently need to
spend more time with the LAPD. ]

Then, on Friday, Carrozzo appeared at the owner's house demanding
his property back. Instead, the owner called police, who arrested
Carrozzo on suspicion of stealing the car. He was lodged at Yolo
County Jail.

The teenager was also arrested, but police released him to his

Source: Does this go anywhere? ~Davepoole

2008-02-15 20:25:27   according to the latest reader's digest (which cites a study done by the federal Office of Postsecondary Education) the university of california, davis has "higher" crime rates, in addition to being "able to prepare more" saying with the comment "no chains or peepholes on dorm doors". i find it strange that they would even pick davis out of the handful they there really so much crime here? —MiranPark

2012-12-07 13:04:26   Late yesterday afternoon, my housemate and I were walking back to our apt from the Safeway in North Davis when we nearly got mugged by someone. It happened behind the building lot with Jamba Juice. Fortunately, my housemate was more alert than I was and we ran back to the Marketplace where he stopped following us. The mugger was an African American male, I'd say around 6 ft, 170-180 lbs, and late 30s-early 40s. He was wearing a backpack in a slouched manner (trying to blend in as a college student?). We did call the police and they dispatched a trooper to check the area, but even so, a heads up to anyone who might be taking a trip to the Marketplace anytime soon - especially if you're walking. I was surprised that it happened in North Davis, but I guess it can happen anywhere. —AmyXie

  • Hey, please please report that to the DPD - there were a few armed muggings yesterday, and they are trying to find out what happened right now. -jw

    Yesterday there was a string of armed muggings in town probably related! It was also north D so please report this! ~SD