The set of suite based dorms northwest of campus. Not considered to be on campus. They are all accessible via Wake Forest Drive.

They are north of Russell, east of 113 and west of the University Mall.

The Cuarto Halls are:

Former Residence Hall:

  • Castilian - Consisted of North and South Castilian Halls on Wake Forest Drive. Closed in 2011.

Cuarto has one Dining Commons within its domain. In the distant north, there was formerly Castilian Dining Commons, which has since closed. However, in the south, the Oxford Circle Dining Commons (now called Cuarto Dining Commons) is now open full time after a complete remodel.

It has been noted by many (including UC Davis Tour Guides) that the Cuarto area is somewhat "anti-social" due to its layout and room styles. Many of those who chose to remain residents would dispute this claim. Some of the Cuarto suites are very much active and home to many typical freshmen activities.

Cuarto is unique in that some of its residence halls feature pools and spas which are not to be found in Segundo or Tercero. Thoreau does not have a pool or spa.