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9:30am-6pm Mon. - Sat.

*****As of March 2011 Cybershield is no longer located in Downtown Davis. The employees are still available to conduct computer repair work if you call them at 530-757-2010.*****

Cybershield provides local computer repair, as well as other computer and network related services. The shop’s computer technicians also are available to leave the shop to conduct on-site repairs (“house-calls”) if needed.

The shop specializes in diagnosing and repairing: desktop, server, laptop, and netbook software issues (viruses, crashing, program installation, operating system repair, system start-up issues, poor system performance, etc.) as well as hardware failure (hard-drive, RAM, motherboard, screen repair, video, sound, processors, keyboards, power-jacks, etc). Computer technicians in the shop are also able to advise customers about upgrades, new computer purchases, internet set-up, new software, and other computer related questions. You can also set-up appointments to be trained on how use your computer and any peripherals connected to it (cameras, printers, mp3 players, phones, etc).

Networking is also a main focus of the shop. Techs are available to diagnose internet and network related issues in the shop or on-site at a house or business. The shop also provides server set-up and management for either personal or professional use.

If a computer’s hard-drive fails or is not able to load Windows/Mac OS/Linux the shop can perform data recovery to rescue and restore needed files from the computer. The shop works on Windows, Mac OS (Apple), and Linux based computers.

If the repairs take over two hours the shop will not bill past two hours even if they have to work on it for longer than that. The shop also does not charge for diagnostics if a repair is made on the computer.

As of mid January 2011 the shop is an official re-seller of Clear 4G wireless broadband internet plans and modems. Essentially this is a similar type of wireless service to what At&t, Verizon, or Sprint offers except that Clear owns its own wireless towers as opposed to a company like Sprint which pays to use Clear's 4G signal.


  • Diagnostics
  • Hardware Repair
  • Software Repair
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Networking Diagnosis & Repair
  • On-Site Repair
  • Web Design
  • Data Transfers
  • Data Recovery
  • Training & Tutoring


Cybershield used to be across from Peet's Coffee in downtown Davis; you could get a mocha while waiting for your computer

Cybershield replaced Help Computer Services in 2009.


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2009-12-08 09:23:37   I took my laptop into these guys for data recovery and they did a great job. They were very friendly and they were quite knowledgeable about most computer related issues. They have had a bit of a rough transition taking over from a business that was previously occupying the same apace prior to them. Hopefully they will be able to convince people that they are much better at business than the computer repair place that was located there before. —ZachStednick

2010-03-17 00:52:16   I've taken my computer to Cybershield twice now and have had good experiences both times. First time my computer screen was broken, they ordered me a new screen and did a temporary fix on my old screen while I was waiting for the new one. One of the techs tried to save me money by ordering a screen from some company in China, this ended up not working out too well, but they returned it and got me another, better, screen at no additional cost. Labor costs were reasonable too. Only complaint was that they kinda forgot they had my computer for awhile, but I also didn't contact them for a week, so it's kinda my fault too.

Second experience, I brought in my computer because I got a virus that disabled my profile access. Thomas was really great and filled out paperwork so that they had a detailed record of everything. He then followed-up the next day. Turned out my hard drive was corrupted so they advised me to bring in an external hard drive or some other way to back-up all of my data. I ended up taking my computer back and reformatting the hard drive myself. I was only charged a diagnostic fee and the tech offered to walk me through the reformatting over the telephone.

They're open on Sundays too!! —paigedavis

2011-04-13 22:09:50   I paid Cybershield $40 to install an antivirus on my computer. A trail period was installed and i was supposed to receive a code from them to continue with the antivirus when the trial period was over. When the trail period expired, two weeks later, i called to receive my code and i was ignored. I called 2 different numbers, everyday, for two weeks straight, left voicemails and emailed them and never heard back from ANYONE.

I trusted that they would follow through with their word in giving me the code for the antivirus because just one week prior, I gave Ryan my laptop and he did a great job of ridding the viruses on it. I had a really good experience with Ryan at first, he fixed my computer and installed the antivirus TRAIL period, but him and Cybershield just blew it by not giving me the antivirus I paid for.

I won't be going back to them and i wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

But if you wish to support this shady business, don't give them any money until their work is done and do not give them your credit card information. Ryan wanted to put my credit card information onto a notepad feature in his cellphone to later charge me via Cybershield's paypal account. As friendly as he was, I didn't want to give him my credit card information in such an unprofessional manner. I paid him in check instead and it was cashed, but again, all i got for $40 was a two week trial period of an antivirus. Don't let them take your computer without a receipt or some sort of proof that they have it.

Now that they've gone "mobile," they seem to have forgotten what it's like to run a legitimate business with proper paper work and giving their customers everything they paid for.

Be very careful with these guys.

They should be happy to know that i just purchased a new MAC and their antivirus would've been useless on my old PC anyway.


2013-04-28 03:43:25   Regarding Grammarlover's complaint, this person states "I paid $40 to install an antivirus on my computer". It is obvious we do not install software for free or work for free. This client did not pay for antivirus software, they paid for a service which is normally $75 - $100 an hour billable. However, my employees are allowed to bill for half an hour if they feel the job was very quick and was not a far commute being as fair to our clients as possible. If the client does not pay us immediately for antivirus software, we will not provide a key code but we will put on any free or trial antivirus software on the system, and purchase a key code later after we receive payment allowing for immediate protection.

As for your statement "do not give them your credit card information". There is a reason why we do not write down credit card numbers or store them in our computers, to avoid any theft from hackers or thieves. Because Ryan was at YOUR location, he DID NOT have a credit card swiper with him. He needed to get your credit card information in order to process your invoice payment for his labor, instead you gave him a check which was fine. Employees can also call in the credit card number over the phone as well but if we were all out at client sites, no one was available to run the credit card transaction.

A credit card number temporarily on a cell phone that is password protected and on his person is much more secure than a credit card in your wallet. It would be much easier to take your wallet from you than to take Ryan's cell phone, hack it, open every application, and try to find something useful all within a few hours before he ran the number and deleted it.

Your statement that you called 2 weeks later for your code is correct. After we told you the trial period would end in 2 weeks, you finally called to tell us you expected a full version. Unfortunately you are confused to think we would drive out to your location, install antivirus software for free, and charge you $40 for a key code. We would have charged you a minimum of $37.50 - $100 for labor (depending if it was a networking job or software install and if it were a full hour), and $23 for the basic AV version or $32 for the advanced version with antimalware and firewall.

Your exaggeration of calling multiple phone numbers every day for weeks is not only incorrect, but does not make sense because phone logs will not validate this nor does there exist any complaints remotely similar to this.

As for purchasing a Mac and that the antivirus software is unnecessary is another erroneous statement. Sunbelt Software (currently GFI) made a Mac version of their Vipre AV Engine which I used on my MacBook Pro at that time. Granted, Macs are less likely to be "infected". However, Macs do get infected, often not "affected" by the virus, instead "hosting" the virus and spreading a PC-related virus to other PCs but simultaneously not being affected by it. This is why I used Vipre on my MacBook Pro, to be responsible and keep my MacBook Pro clean preventing the spread of viruses as I often setup networks, WiFi, printers, servers, and much more from Dixon to Placerville and from Modesto to Rocklin.

Again, I cannot stress enough how ridiculous it is to think with over 18 years in the industry, working for banks, feds, state, and many more companies with loyal clients from 2001 that we would not return a phone call...after 2 weeks of daily messages on all our phones...everyone ignored you. In fact, despite leaving Davis years ago, we still have our Davis number active just in case someone DOES call. When we do get calls, I typically refer traffic to a local shop called IFixElectronics for the hardware repairs as they did an awesome job on 2 of my iPhones.