303 Ensenada Drive, Davis CA 95618

Fri Kempo Karate Do/Ju-Jutsu (Adults/Teens 10-up) 6:30 - 7:30p

Sat Kempo Karate Do/Ju-Jutsu (Youth 4-9) 11:30a - 12:30p

(Adult/Teen 10-up) 12:30 - 1:30p

(916) 533-3420
Sensei Michael Schacherbauer
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DSF Martial Arts Academy is a privately run program, located at the Davis Swim and Fitness Club, this program is available to both club members and non-club members alike. Sensei Michael Schacherbauer is the head instructor and the program director, he has been training in multiple martial arts since 1984 and has been teaching since 1996 to all ages. The training area is between 1400-1800 square feet, plenty of room for all of our training needs.


The main core of their teachings comes from Kempo Karate-Do, Derived from the Shaolin Temple fighting style of China, Kempo Karate-Do utilizes punches, kicks, blocks, joint locks, throws and grappling. It is well rounded style with both "Hard" and "Soft" applications. Finally, grappling is a huge portion of training from day one, one of the two mandatory classes a week is nothing but grappling.


Everyone is welcome to train here, no experience is needed, but those who have had training are just as welcome. Martial Artists are encouraged to come visit, train, and share knowledge. The ultimate goal is to achieve a level of knowledge and awareness from this art in order to better yourself in any and all ways.

Typical Class structure

Classes start with warm ups consisting of calisthenics, stretching and "combos" (punches, kicks, blocks, shadow boxing style). Once the students are warmed up the "technique of the day" is taught, usually a defensive application or drill that promotes muscle memory development. During this time the instructor goes into extensive demo and detail so that the students have a true understanding of how to do what is being taught safely and correctly. Then comes the repetitious portion of the class, students pair up and drill what they have learned until a "flow" is achieved. Once the drilling portion of class is done, the students test the technique on the instructor, if they perform it correctly the instructor gives them instruction on how to practice at home in order to commit it to muscle memory (just like doing homework). If any student has difficulty with the technique, time is taken to make adjustments to aide the student(s) in further understanding the technique's formula. Finally the class cools down with yoga and Zazen meditation, this helps with minimizing stiff muscles and joints the next day and brings everyone to a calm relaxed state before leaving class; a calm mind is a healthy mind.


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