1400 E. 8th Street
Former Valley Oak Campus
Peter Newman


Past Principals

Tyler Millsap (2016-2023)

Troy Allen (2013-2016)

Rody Boonchouy (2011-2013)

Matt Best (2007-2011)

Pam Mari (  -2007)


Da Vinci Charter Academy, or DVCA, is a Davis high school, part of the New Technology Foundation Network, which centers around a small-classroom environment, project-based, collaborative and self-motivated learning. Their classes are technology-based, and each student receives a laptop for home and school use, though students may also opt to use their personal laptop instead. The goal of these schools is to train students in, and in preparation for, a workplace environment.

Originally, Da Vinci had only 8 classrooms. After moving to the back half of Valley Oak in fall of 2009 (as the front half is the Children's center), it now has 18 classrooms.

Parking on campus is limited to faculty (of both DaVinci and the Children Center), and students are forced to park behind Symposium.

DVHS colors are light blue, black, green, and silver; the official DVHS mascot is, by student vote in late fall of 2009, the Dinosaurs.

Kapoosh is an informal member of DaVinci High.

see also: Team Blend

Comment Archive about Da Vinci High from 2005.


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2010-01-10 23:39:42   Come on, there needs to be more than this. I can only contribute so much! —MikeFolf

2011-05-18 01:23:06   I remember when DaVinci was at DHS in it's first year... Everyone got laptops it was a big deal. Wasn't it supposed to wind up on UCD sooner or later? —StevenDaubert