Juvenile Hall, 2880 East Gibson Rd., Woodland 95776
(530) 406-5300
Director, Youth and Family Services
Reinaldo Genera,genera@ycoe.org (530) 668-3766

Dan Jacobs School serves all youth held in secure detention at Juvenile Hall in Woodland. The school is operated by the Yolo County Office of Education under the supervision of the Yolo County Probation.

Currently, there are two classrooms that are open year round five days a week. At full capacity, there eventually will be six classrooms available to students as the population increases. Enrollment fluctuates daily because of students entering and leaving the Hall. The average length of stay is 5-17 days with a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 143 days. The student to teacher ratio is 15-1. One classroom has one teacher and a para-educator and the other has one teacher and a probation staff member. A substitute teacher is hired from time to time if the student numbers increase temporarily.

School instruction in language arts, math, social sciences and physical education is emphasized, although science, health and fine arts are also offered. Curriculum in the areas of language arts and math is based on and linked to the language arts and mathematics standards found in the high school exit exam.

Career education and social awareness programs are also offered to support students' personal growth. In addition, Dan Jacobs School provides computers in each classroom for enhanced learning opportunities. Students receive high school credit toward graduation for the assignments completed while in this facility.

Students have access to a paperback novel library to check out books to read while they are spending time in their rooms.

After being released from Juvenile Hall most students return to school programs in their own communities and from there, may be referred to and enrolled in YCOE Midtown Community School.

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