Who is he?

After much speculation about his identity, "DDR Guy" is actually Zach McCord, a 2003 Davis High School graduate. Lately he has strayed from DDR to pursue other endeavors, but is still well-known throughout Davis for holding every high score on the Tapioca Express machine. He currently works as a painter.

In a special interview by Sabrina Simonton, McCord said, "...fuck Pump It Up." Zack has apparently changed his tune on pump it up, but can still be found lamenting it's poor judgment on timing "I stand around and watch these people hold on to the bar for dear life and stumble around the pad terribly off rhythm all the while the machine says perfect perfect perfect... Oh the horror"

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I watched him once and felt I was being blasted to some ephemeral existence. Some would call it the rapture. - ErnBro

Hey i saw this guy at Tapioca Express one evening last year...he was DDRing away in his beater and timbs and i couldn't help but just stare in amazement...i don't understand these things. - SylviaFlores

Zack is now painting towards getting his license