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Danzantes del Alma, the student folklorico dance troupe of UC Davis and the Cross Cultural Center established in 1977, has made it possible to celebrate traditional and contemporary Mexican, Chicano and Latino cultures through learning and performing traditional dances of Mexico and contemporary dances of the Chicano/Latino experience. Danzantes del Alma fosters and nurtures student leadership, intellectual curiosity and artistic expression through this art of folklorico. The troupe also focuses on promoting higher education by providing educational programs to area schools and communities, as well as serving as role models for youth. Formerly known as “Ballet Folklorico del Alma”, Danzantes del Alma began with the initiative of a group of students. Within a short period of time, they built a repertoire, wardrobe and received performance requests throughout the community.

Danzantes del Alma has grown into a popular and talented company that is highly regarded for its enthusiasm, beauty, and skill. The troupe has been invited to perform on numerous campus events and throughout northern California, and in 2007-2008, Danzantes del Alma reached over 11,903 people through its area performances, classes and workshops.

See the CCC website to request a performance from DdA!