Darrell Hamamoto
3119 Hart Hall

Dr. Hamamoto is a professor in the Asian American Studies department at UC Davis. He achieved public fame by creating a 50-minute pornographic film called Skin on Skin starring Asian-American actors and actresses, which attempts to address the desexualization of the Asian American male. Hamamoto created another piece entitled Yellowcaust: A Patriot Act, which juxtaposes clips from Skin on Skin and text describing U.S. atrocities against Asians.

The Daily Show did a segment on Hamamoto and Skin. He is also featured on Masters of the Pillow, a documentary about the film.

Breaking stereotypes with porn - California Aggie article

His perspective on race relations in relationships was criticized in a column by Quynh Nguyen titled Does Race Matter in Love? (along with a taste of his sophisticated racial and gender terminology, such as Yella womenz, White Rice Kings, and "slanted" for extra Oriental sensation.)

For Winter 2006 quarter, Hamamoto is teaching ASA 140 (Asian American Media) and ASA 150B (Japanese American Experiences).

Teacher comments

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2006-05-22 13:25:11   ASA 2- Although I DO think he has a lot to offer as a professor, he IS a prick! I enjoyed the material, thought he is a bit biased, which is not always a bad thing, but he definitely singling out certain students to be an bigger ass to than others. He is a self proclaimed "reverse racist", so if you are not asian taking this class, be extra careful not to do anything to piss him off, even more so if you are a guy. That doesn't mean asian girls are in the clear, but not under his sniper scope. Despite everything, i still learned a lot from his class. —CarlosBarahona

2008-10-11 02:19:29   How can I get him for a class? —ThanhVu

2008-12-07 23:17:24   I signed up for ASA2 with him, and dropped it after the first lecture. I laughed at half of the stuff he said, because it was ridiculous. The other half of it was pretty damned offensive. My roommate has told me that he attacks students that are the products of multi-ethnic relationships, and will literally try to blacklist TA's that don't agree with him from the Asian American Studies department. —sososharp

2010-03-27 01:06:12   I wish this guy were as cool as he sounds...unfortunately most people seem to agree that he is a major prick. —ArianeMetz

2014-09-22 19:05:37   I had him as a guest lecturer in an Asian American Studies class one day near the end of the quarter. Man, is that guy nuts! He's into every conspiracy theory on the planet! I agree that Monsanto is a terrible company that doesn't have my best interests in mind while maximizing profits, but he went on and on about how they are working with the Bilderberg group to sterilize all the minorities with cancers, especially of the reproductive organs, to eliminate them completely. He made a point to "search engine" it, "not Google" because Google is in on it and purposefully censors information about this genocide so the sheeple don't find out. This is but a slice of his hour or so long rant. Our professor was pretty flabbergasted, I believe, after Darrell left and she gave us some bull, off the cuff justification that it was a new form of "shock teaching" where they totally blow your mind with off the wall, over the moon and beyond wackiness. —Quey