A view into South Davis

The Dave Pelz Bike Overpass is the overpass off of Fifth Street that leads from East Davis to South Davis, bridging Interstate 80. It is directly across from the parking lot of the Explorit. The "Dave Pelz" is a great place for watching the sunset, or just hanging out and watching the cars go by.

The bike overpass was named after Dave Pelz, a long-time Davis resident, upon his retirement from the position of Public Works Director, which he held for 36 years. (note that this Dave Pelz is not the Dave Pelz who writes the golf books)

Recently (circa... 2006?), the "Dave Pelz" was a site for two political signs, both handdrawn and hung up for the cars to see by bungee cables. One featured the saying, "2K WHY?", the other, "The war is a lie".

In September of 2011, the site was used by a construction union to protest the non-union expansion of Mori Seiki in Davis. They displayed a large banner on the northern end of the overpass with the words, "Mori Seiki hurts our community. Shame on them!"

Two people who could often have been found at the top of the overpass were JohnDudek and AlexNorris, who spent countless hours up top the overpass singing, screaming and talking, though now AlexNorris has moved and the link between their neighborhoods had been changed.

Dedication plaque, click image to read


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2010-07-30 14:08:23   The south side of the Dave Pelz overpass has all its lights turned off for some reason! It's dangerous, I have a light, but the jogger I almost ran into didn't! I've told the city, but the rest of you should complain too!


2010-07-30 15:26:55   Wow, they got back to me already.

I'd also like to mention that this is a great place to sit and watch people come back from Burning Man with their super dirty trucks and crappy bikes. —FloridianPlywood

2010-07-30 18:32:51   This thing cuts the time it takes to walk from El Macero to North Davis in half! —StevenDaubert