KDVS' resident Beat poet from the Midwest, David D. Young was the host of Upper Realm Shrieks: Music & Words. He was well-loved at the station and on the airwaves for his show's idiosyncratic style, with his theatrical air breaks and the unconventional, eclectic logic of his song progressions. He occasionally published poetry in KDViationS.

David played music on numerous recordings, including "triangles, bell tree, claves, ting, sha, tambourine, industrial kitchen equipment, and toys" on Chip Handy's "P(MM)." He was the singer and played various instruments of experimental band Loner which performed at house shows and the like. He often came to music events around town and had many interesting stories to tell from his years spent in Berkeley and Chicago.

He worked at the Silo on campus.

David is super cool for sure, trounced some cancer! You should listen to his show!—StevenDaubert