Davis Activity Partners is a Meetup group and networking tool to help Davis residents find partners for all types of outdoor recreation, exercise, and other active pursuits.

You can use this website to propose ideas and find partners for all types of active recreation in and around Davis - hiking, running, cycling, climbing, swimming, gym sessions, dancing, boxing, yoga, you name it. Any member can post an idea - just say WHAT you want to do, WHEN and WHERE you want to do it, and WHO you are looking for (number of partners for that event, expected fitness and experience level, whatever). You can start a regular, recurring event or just find a one-time workout buddy on a short notice. This group will evolve as needed to facilitate networking and reflect the interests and styles of its members.

The group is free and democratic – simply a way to connect people. Anyone can use it, anyone can join it, anyone can organize any activity. Nothing is asked of you if you join. Have fun!