Davis Art and Revolution

Davis Art and Revolution is a loosely organized group that lives in the interstitial spaces between art and politics. It is based on the premise that the personal is political and the political is personal. They get together periodically to share skills and art and make life in Davis just a little more colorful. There was a skillshare series Spring 2006 through the Experimental College and an art space at the Whole Earth Festival where they made political art to share. The workshop series featured topics such as street art, stenciling, zines, giant puppets, silk screening, stickering, spoken word and more.

Interview on the Art and Revolution classes on KDVS, April 5 2006

Recent projects:

In 2007, artists in the community began working on new decorations to be used each year at the community Holiday meal including this backdrop for the stage:

We will be meeting on Sunday Dec 21, 2008 at a private residence and on Monday Dec 22, 2008 in the Blanchard room of the Davis library (2-6 pm) to build on what we began last year – snowflakes, snowmen, and the big “starry night” stage backdrop (pictured – needs to be stitched together). All are welcome – you don’t need previous experience or artistic ‘talent’ – just a willingness to work with a group, share your ideas, and have fun. If you don’t want to paint or sew, come play music or read aloud to us. Please contact an.angry.love@gmail.com for further info.

Past Projects:

In 2006, artists in the community created a space at Whole Earth Festival.

Some of the intentions of this space included art, revolution, educational participatory workshops, silk screen demonstrations, free art for the community, stenciling soiree, and a safe place for the community to come and make art and be artists. I encourage anybody interested in creating this unique art realm to go ahead and do it. That's what we did and it was good.

Here's some photos of the good times we had: