1055 Olive Drive
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Davis Auto Works is a family owned and operated full service auto repair business that is ASE certified and used to be known as Autohouse Davis. They provide service for both foreign and domestic vehicles, and are a smog check certification facility. Among the services provided are diagnostics, major maintenance service, air conditioning, timing belts, engines/electrical work, cooling systems and tune-up.

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What was your experience at Davis Auto Works?

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2006-06-26 12:44:41   Davis Auto Works is a fair and honest place. The owner/manager, Shane, deals fairly and actually came in UNDER estimate when he told me the quote I'd gotten at another place included parts I didn't need. I'll do all my auto business with them from now on. —PeterKnudson

2006-07-13 14:49:29   I had a great experience at Davis Auto Works. The owner/manager was very friendly, did a very thorough inspection of my car and explained exactly what repairs he would suggest doing. This is by far the best experience I've had working with a mechanic and my car runs great now. I'm definitely taking it back there for its next service. —AkColopy

2006-08-29 12:02:31   I've taken my car here several times, mostly right after it breaks down and I need work done ASAP. Shane is super nice and willing to take a quick look at things and give you a general impression. A diagnosis is $80, compared to Johnny's autoworks which has a diagnosis for almost 2x that much. Highly recomment Davis Auto Works! —AliceSaurus

2006-09-26 09:10:40   they don't do smog checks when i called —PorkFoo

2006-12-26 16:37:25   Had a extremely unpleasant experience with this auto shop. Owner told me two HUGE different things about the price/labour cost for the same service in my 2 visitings. Have to say watch out and be carefull! —JasonJason

2007-08-14 12:55:37   I took my car here recently and was really impressed with the service. The owner explained very thoroughly about what needed to be done and it was fixed within the same day. When I expressed concern over the problem occuring again, he said that if it would, we would be able to work out a deal. —GabeDavis

2007-08-25 12:36:45   I also had a fantastic experience with Davis Auto Works. Going in on a SATURDAY, my car and I were greeted and treated to first class service. I went in looking to have my alternator replaced so the man there (I'm sorry- I don't remember his name) looked at it. He re-tensioned the belt (which turned the charge light on my dash off, aka fixed it) and sent me on my way. Davis Auto Works has a new customer for sure! —DavidBarnum

2007-08-27 20:01:55   The owner, Shane, was very nice and helpful, but I won’t be back. I went in for a tune-up, $150 w/ coupon. Shane called with an “updated estimate” 2 hours later. First, the tune-up would cost $50 more due to “specialty Toyota spark plugs and red coolant”. My serpentine belt was replaced, slightly more expensive than your average shop ($90). But then Shane recommended I replaced the Upstream Oxygen Sensor ($240). Then apparently the tune up price didn’t include an air filter ($55) or a PCV ($35). Then he said I needed to replace all of my coolant hoses and clamps ($384), even though there was no visible damage. I will admit that the oil gasket valve cover ($70) was probably worth it. I consulted with a family mechanic, who laughed at the “critical” items Shane "highly recommended". I went expecting to pay $150. Shane called with an estimate of $1100. Beware of the coupons, which don’t include “standard” services. Beware of Shane’s friendly “advice” over the phone. At least do your homework before going here!

Also, I noticed after I left that my windshield washer reservoir was completely cracked on top. I had filled it the week prior and I know they fill the reservoir as part of their service. They must have banged something big into the hard plastic because it is completely smashed on top. It would have been nice for them to be honest and tell me, but I guess they knew there was no way for me to prove what they did. Now I'm out another $50-70 for the part alone, not to mention having to take the time to swap it out. Thanks for your honesty, Shane! —RandomName

2007-10-26 13:26:47   I had a great experience with Shane at Davis Auto Works. He always kept his word, and rarely came in over estimate—sometimes under. Once he lost $80 on something because he had to do more work than he originally thought, but he stuck to his estimate. Unfortunately, we've moved out of state. If we had stayed in the Davis/Sacramento area, I would go only to Davis Auto Works. —ThomasC

2008-07-06 11:29:27   I was disappointed and will not return. His price was cheaper for the diagnostic which got me into the shop, but more expensive for the overall: $315 including diagnostic versus $175 for everything. —BradK

2009-03-17 11:44:58   We have had a GREAT experience at Davis Auto Works for the last 4 years. Both Shane and his wife are friendly and helpful. We have found Shane to be very KNOWLEDGEABLE and HONEST. We highly recommend Davis Auto Works. —ACA

2009-07-06 15:42:15   This is one shady place, UCD students BEWARE, I took my car here and they told me that I needed a $900 repair when, after getting a second opinion, was completely wrong. The part they wanted me to repair was actually not broken at all and my car was fixed with $250 at a Midas...btw, the second opinion told me that they get this all the time and that they would simply "wash off the bottom of the car" to make it look like they fixed some big part. Bottom line, they tried to screw me, don't take your car here! —Millerzz

2009-10-23 12:14:48   A friend refered me to Davis Auto Works last year so I tried them out and they have been my mechanics ever since. I'm very happy with the work they do and I really trust Shane. He always walks me through the work they are doing and usually comes in a few dollars under estimate, which is always nice. I would highly reccommend them! —ClarkVineyard

2010-02-03 18:06:53   I will never return here. Upon "diagnosing" my check engine light, they told me my exhaust manifold was cracked and I needed to replace that as well as my catalytic converter, to the tune of $1,400. Though I may be female I happened to know usually you can hear a cracked exhaust manifold. Then the check engine light went off on its own a few days later, so I took it to another mechanic for a second opinion. They told me the engine light was on because of a loose gas cap. And a gasket needed replacing for $40. From everything I can tell this place completely tried to screw me over. Do not recommend by any means, unless you like a mechanic who lies. —Jennnifer

2010-02-07 10:43:04   I think Shane is a struggling small business owner who feels it necessary to rip off his customers in order to make ends meet. He over charges for tune ups and does not properly warrant his work. He installed a bad starter in my car, it failed when I was in the Bay, had to get it changed out there— well, because I didn't bring it back to him (although I did keep the defective part), he refused to do anything to make it right. Very shoddy. Will not return, advise people to avoid him. J&J, down the street, is much better. —bpwhite

2010-04-02 12:16:55   I had a great experience at Davis Auto Works. I checked out the reviews through Daviswiki and was happy I went with the majority. Shane was able to get the same job done for a 1/3 of the cost at other Davis shops. He was very helpful walking me through the exact problem and explaining what he was doing. He gave me great suggestions for further repairs without forcing them on me or "strong selling me". He has earned my trust and I hope you give him the same chance to earn yours. I will continue with this shop and will be recommending my family and friends for now on to Davis Auto Works! —Nfit

2010-05-17 12:06:17   I visited Davis Auto Works twice in 2006-2007 and I will never go back. The first time I went there it was to fix a simple but weird problem (my brake lights were on even when I wasn't braking) and I was relieved that they found a quick and easy solution to the problem. That experience led me to go back there when I started having problems with the exhaust system on my car. Basically it had started making a very loud noise and I thought there was probably a hole in the exhaust. I was quoted a price of $900 to fix it. Shane gave me a long explanation about snow in the mountains and supply trucks to explain why it would take a couple of days to fix and be very expensive. The price and the monologue seemed fishy so I decided to call around to other shops for a second opinion. I hit the jackpot with my first call: Davis Muffler & Hitch. When I told them about my car and its problem the mechanic asked me if I had taken it to Davis Auto Works. Apparently Davis Auto Works had called Davis Muffler & Hitch for a quote on the repair and were going to take my car to the other garage to be repaired (I assume because they aren't exhaust specialists). The shocking part is that Davis Muffler & Hitch was charging $450 for the job. Put more simply, Davis Auto Works quoted me a price that would make them a tidy 100% profit with their only outlay being driving the car over to Davis Muffler & Hitch. Needless to say I picked up my car and drove it to Davis Muffler & Hitch myself. I hate it when mechanics try to rip me off. —RachelD

2010-08-17 16:04:36   I went to Davis Auto Works with a coupon for a tire rotation and oil change less than a month ago. At first it seemed like a pleasant experience - they got it done quickly and for a good price. However, I was driving on the highway recently when I heard a clink and my car started leaking oil. Because the mechanics at Davis Auto Works couldn't even screw on a oil drain plug properly, I definitely would NOT trust them again with my car. —NatayaChayasriwong

2011-06-01 20:13:03   The owner is very friendly. His shop is basically an one man-shop. It is a family business as his two daughters are often there in the office. I am myself a local very small business owner ( the business, not the owner! ) and I just liked the guy. The first time, he did a great brake job on our Toyota Previa. It ended up costing 3 times the value of the special coupon, but I was happy the job was well done. The second time, I brought my work truck. Once again the job was well done and I trust his work. The trouble is that he gets his parts from the local Napa auto part store and charges 75% over the counter prices. Basically, on that job, he made much more money just on the parts alone than on his labor. When I asked for some clarifications, he worked very hard at telling me he paid the very same price for the parts as I would buy them from Napa and had to add 75% extra markup to protect himself from warranty claims. I checked and of course it was BS. Bottom line, I can do pretty much all my work on my vehicles. As I am getting older, I was hoping to find a true honest shop in Davis. I don't mind paying a fair price for good work. Davis Auto Works does really good work, but at a price well over the local dealers. I asked for a quote on our Odyssey ( oil pan replacement ) and his price was twice the price of Davis Honda ! If you have to work so hard to get a good price from him, can you then be assured he will do his best work ? I don't know. —ThierryWillefert

2012-02-02 20:16:04   A couple months ago I went go a regular inspection with a coupon. The coupon was significantly cheaper than any where else for the same inspection, but because of my vehicle the inspection ended up being twice as much but the owner was clear about everything and I felt like he wasn't intentionally trying to over charge me. Plus the inspection was worth it, I had a number of things wrong with my car. I took my car back yesterday and his price estimate was what I ended up actually paying. I liked that he tried to give me details, seemed honest and also actually told me how much labor was vs. how much parts were instead of lumping it together. Overall I think this is a good place to go and we should support local small businesses! —SaraCouch

2012-11-28 21:01:39   I recommend this auto shop for Everyone! My experience was wonderful. I took my car in there and the owner was honest and felt that I was getting the best service! He drove me to work and worked on my car and was just extremely helpful! Please support this wonderful auto shop! The owner knows what he is doing and is honest and truthful. I always feel nervous about going into an auto shop because I am a women but this was the first time I felt like I was being told the truth and given the right price! My car works great and never have had a problem. Thanks —acarson

2013-09-17 16:05:44   I usually do auto repairs myself. Since I am starting school this week I decided to take it into Davis Auto Works. Shane was very nice on the phone. His quote for a valve adjustment was right in line with other quotes I received around town, including the dealership. The job was a 2 billable-hour job. Once they had my vehicle, the service changed. I received no phone call letting me know they had started work on the car (like they had promised). When I called, 40 minutes after it was supposed to be done, I was told it was almost done and that I would receive a phone call when it was done, soon. Two hours later I called. Dennis answered the phone and when I asked the status of my car he abruptly told me they were on lunch and the car wasn't done. It wasn't until 2 pm that I finally received a call saying it was done, but for 10% above the quoted amount. The overnight increase in price was not from additional labor needed for my particular vehicle, rather it was that the one part they needed "cost more than thought". When I call to get a quote, I expect that the shop knows the cost of the parts they will/might use. Nope, they were 50% off the price of the one part they used. Now, the price of the part may have increased once I bothered them so much by calling twice to check on the status, or they may have genuinely been wrong about the price. Either way the job took much longer than I was told and cost more. Although Shane was a nice guy, I will not be returning nor would I recommend their services. —BryceG