1221 1/2 4th Street, Davis, CA
(Intersection of 4th and L Street, northwest corner, in the courtyard facing south.)
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Open Shop Hours
Thursday 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Regular Events
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(530) 341-8322

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Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Card, Work-trade (at discretion of shift lead)
The Davis Bike Collective cannot accept trades of parts for parts.
April 16th, 2009

The Davis Bike Collective is a volunteer-run nonprofit community bicycle organization. They operate a public D.I.Y. shopalso known as Bike Forth, where folks share tools, skills, and knowledge about bike maintenance and repair. The also support many community bicycle related programs such as repair workshops, bike share and lending, etc. They accept donations of used bicycles and parts from the community and, in turn, make used parts available for anyone else to build or repair a bicycle. They ask all patrons to contribute financially to the cooperative shop, but they don't turn anyone away for lack of funds. Their aim is to empower confident and committed cyclists through education and community building, and to encourage more cyclists by making bikes and bike maintenance, fun, safe and accessible for everyone.

Between 2004 and 2009 they operated as the Davis Bike Church from the Domes on the UC Davis campus where they taught thousands of Davisites the way of the spoken wheel and pedal wrench in a quest for for community liberation, love, peace, and sustainability through appropriate technology and self-empowered transportation (i.e. bicycles). In 2009 The Davis Bike Collective was founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Davis Bike Collective does not carry new bicycles or parts. Everything is used and the parts and types of bikes available changes from day to day as inventory changes according to what is recovered from the community. The Davis Bike Collective provides tools and guidance, but the shop is otherwise a D.I.Y. space. Volunteers will help you and teach you how to build a bike or repair a busted part, but they will not do it for you.

The Collective is always looking for more help, for small projects and big projects - just stop by during Open Shop and ask a Minister how you can help.

Hablamos Español (algunos de nosotros)

The Davis Bike Collective also accepts Davis Dollars.

About "do it yourself"

In contrast to the other shops where you just drop off your bike, pick it up later and get a bill, this is an interactive shop where it's about the relationship, the personal experience. When you go there, you will be greeted by someone asking what you need help with. They might explain that they will give expert diagnosis, provide tools, provide parts, and give space - but you will largely do the work yourself on your own bike. The point is about you learning, and thus becoming more independent and perhaps able to fix your bike all by yourself next time. (Note that becoming independent and self-reliant is contrary to the commercial system which seeks to keep you ignorant and thus dependent.) Where else can you get training by experts for next to nothing? The price is a $5 donation per day to use the shop; prices for all services are set by nominal donation, which keeps them affordable for all.

What does it cost?

To be clear, we ask for $5 donation per day to use the shop, and a fair contribution for whatever parts and materials are used (we do have a recommended donation range for each type of part). In lieu of a donation you may also be able to trade some of your time for shop time at the discretion of the shift lead. Note that donating bike parts is a wonderful thing to do, but it doesn't count toward shop credit. There have been so many concerns about people potentially laundering stolen bikes through the shop that we've had to take a hard line on this. You can, however, get a tax receipt for donating bikes and parts if you request it.

Keep in mind that there are many real and significant expenses to run Bike Forth (including rent, insurance, utilities, improvements), it's in your hands to contribute enough to keep the community shop afloat.

FREE METAL RECYCLING: The stuff in the "metal recycling" area next to the dumpster is free to the public. A metal scavenger comes by and picks it up, but reuse is better than recycling, so take what you need! Bike Forth occasionally triages old unused parts. If they're open, check to confirm that you're looking at the right pile of stuff. If they're closed, metal recycling should be the only stuff (if any) left outside next to the dumpster.

FREE VERY FLAT TUBES: When Bike Forth is open, there are sometimes flat tubes in the orange trash bin. These make excellent bungee cords and can expand your bike rack's carrying capacity. Flat tubes not in the orange trash bin can be repaired and used as tubes and should not be considered free bungee cords. Other bike shops may also sometimes have bike tubes in the trash for you if you ask.

Regular Open Shop

Come by to use tools, fix your bike(s), drop off donations, pick up some sweet parts, and learn skills during these hours. Our volunteers are in the shop to help you out and guide you through whatever you may need to do.

Women Trans Femme (WTF) Workshop

Held first and third Tuesday of the month. Look here for history, plus here for a brief video on the mission of the group.


The volunteers are often high-spirited and sometimes downright giddy. Here is one of the volunteers doing a jig while helping a patron build a bike.

Current Ministers


Wizard Aaron

Bike Jeff  Jake The WiseAngel


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Former Ministers

Congle-Roshi Deacon Ty Pasture Ted Cardinal Janaki Sir CharlesJLoMinister Jeff !Mike the BikeTara the Green

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Joshua the Uncertain Count Darach Saint Efrem  Vicar VanWyk Reverend Moorepants </div> <div>
Tim Lane Darin Wick Suami Salami Spokemistress Sarah Jeff 3:16 Sister Cat Angel York Monsignor Kent Matt Sattva Friar Robbie Max Stevenson Obi-Jan-KenobiGoði Woolley</div> <div>  </div>



Old Davis Bike Collective Events

Bike Scavenger Hunt


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    2009-04-21 00:28:52   Are there more details about what the community can do to help with the move, and specifically what address the new space is. Riding by it was completely unclear. What about fund raising goals or monthly budget? As someone who isn't in the inner circle, has hours but not dollars, it's not clear how I can help. —AlexMandel

    2009-04-21 16:50:37   Meetings every Friday at 6pm, as per Bike Church page. For the first time, we're going to hold our meeting this week in the new space. —Darach

    2009-04-24 11:50:11   Is the "grand opening" going to be a grand opening or is it just going to be like the first day of operation? Also, it's really unclear where this actually is. Can you guys put up a graphic explaining or something? —jsogul

    • Have you tried clicking the map icon? There's one on most wiki pages.

      • My bad... I thought there wasn't a map icon but I was just looking in the wrong place. —jsogul

      • I am often able to use google maps and street view, but the above link isn't working for me. If you are at the intersection of 4th and L, you want to look on the north side of the street: between Bikram Yoga Davis and Abbey Road Press there is a courtyard, and the Bike Collective should be visible in the northwest (back) corner. —DougWalter

    2009-04-26 00:59:55

    Biked by the old church site today and got confused. may i suggest you put up a big and legible sign outside the church to inform people of this move?

    also where are the meetings held? —RaymondZhang

    2009-04-26 09:40:40   "2009-04-21 16:50:37 Meetings every Friday at 6pm, as per Bike Church page. For the first time, we're going to hold our meeting this week in the new space. —Darach"

    We'll get some sinage up when we have the resources to do so.


      2009-04-26 13:11:14   Does the DBC have a preference about the type of bikes/parts donated? I'll be skipping town soon and need to unload a bunch of stuff, but some of the frames and parts are from department store junkers. —TheAmazingLarry

      2009-04-27 08:48:32   We are working on signs and will get those out soon at the new and old location. As for parts, we welcome all and any, but prefer not to get department store bikes (Magna, Huffy, Next, Roadmaster...). We're working on creating an alternate use for these sorts of bikes, but are still working out the details. To learn more about volunteering, sign up for our volunteer google group by searching "Bike Forth Volunteer" on google groups. We'll be sending emails out about how to help out and get involved. —smcc

      2009-04-27 14:01:12   I'd like to volunteer, but I can't seem to figure out how to find the "Bike Forth Volunteer" on the google group search.. Any help/suggestions?


        2009-04-27 18:46:39   There seem to be two google groups, http://groups.google.com/group/bike-forth-volunteers and http://groups.google.com/group/bikeministry , what are they each for? Can an administrator of them explain on this page? Thanks. —NickSchmalenberger

        * The Volunteers listserv is more or less inactive, though an occasional email will go out. Anyone may join this listserv. The ministry listserv is for internal operations, and pretty much anyone interested in getting flooded with email who wants to be useful for Bike Forth and who we more or less recognize from around the shop is welcome to request an invitation to join. - Angel.York

        2009-04-28 15:55:41   Go to this link and you should be able to sign up for the google group for volunteers: http://groups.google.com/group/bike-forth-volunteers. This will get you signed up for the volunteer group. The Bike Ministry group is for active ministers. —smcc

        2009-05-15 19:53:29   Spanish language site on bicycle maintenance: http://www.unionbike.net/mantenimientobici.htmAngel.York

        2009-05-23 00:21:29   Whoo hoo! Go Bike Forth! Pasture Ted, minister emeritus —TedBuehler

        2009-06-20 00:28:39   who put up that terrible photo of me? i'm changing it. —SisterCat

        2009-06-30 02:55:04   These folks are signifigantly awesome. If you don't mind getting a little grease on your fingers, you can fix your bike very nicely and cheaply, plus you'll know how to do it next time! Teach a man to fish, and all... The location is a bit hard to find: it's across the street from the Quaker church, at the back of that little parking lot. —Flynn

        2009-07-13 22:39:01   Does the Bike Collective want 5 years of Bicycling Magazine for free, delivered by bike? 2004-2008 +/-. (Asked on facebook already, trying here too.) Lemme know... —EdHenn

        2009-09-23 23:24:44   Matt and Friar Robby sure do rule! —StevenDaubert

        2009-09-25 23:44:06   The venerable Davis Bike Collective has saved my butt several times. You walk in with a sick bike, you ride out laughing skipping. Both riding and skipping. They're that good. They give you more than repairs, they give you new skills. I have taught my friends what I learned there, and they were seriously grateful. —Devonian

        2010-01-24 12:09:48   Bike 4th sure is awesome! —StevenDaubert

        2010-01-25 10:55:52   I must agree, this is a very awesome place. Be sure to donate while you are there. Davis needs a place like this to stay open for a long time. Donate so they can pay rent and buy new tools/ equipment. Everyone is so very nice and helpful, tools and equipment are well organized. —DagonJones

        2010-08-28 21:27:11   EXCELLENT PLACE! Great people. —PeterM

        2010-09-08 23:33:19   It should be noted that you can get a new-to-you bike here, for far less than it would cost to get a new bike. They aren't really in the 'business' of 'selling' bikes, but they do have a LOT of parts on hand that they are willing to let be built into a noble steed for the roads. Expect a LOT of grease, and you may wind up with a 'unique' bike, but it will be roadworthy and sound. —Flynn

        2010-10-27 00:33:19   I was wondering if anyone knows about the average cost of building a bike here? I would probably do almost all the labor myself, but in terms of parts? —superamazing123

        • The usual guideline for building a bike from scratch is about half what it would go for on craigslist, which is normally between $10 and $80 depending on the bike. And you'll have to do ALL the labor yourself - but there are people around to explain anything you don't know how to fix. —DarinWick

        2011-05-08 08:47:06   I'm pretty mechanically-inclined and I hate to pay for services I can do myself. Enter: Bike 4th. They've got all of the tools you'll need (and if they don't have it.. no, they have it). I didn't take advantage of the rummage-through-bins option but I certainly frequently use tools and stands. They've got a great support staff as well. Needless to say, this place offers a great service to the Davis community. Thanks! —ZElliott

        2011-09-05 23:03:39   I have the pleasure of having a second-hand 24 year old bike that is in constant need of tune-ups, and the lovely people here have been there to help me along the way. Last time I was there they had enough patience to direct me how to open up and clean my back wheel's axle. My bike never rode so smoothly. —MarisolG

        You guys are amazing. One of your volunteers left a note in my ATAX stem and let me know how crazy it was. This act of kindness is not only amazing and super rare in our times. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do and for taking the time to actually leave a helpful note for a stranger. Keep on doing what you're doing you guys! Awesome! —DonHo

        Thanks DonHo! I'll pass that message along to Jeff. —Angel.York

        2012-04-08 01:03:04   We cancelled Tuesdays so that we can focus volunteer energy more reliably on the other open hours. —Angel.York

        2012-04-30 20:30:23   can someone who knows nothing about how to fix bikes come here?


        Yes... that's the whole point. —Aaron.Curtin

        2012-08-13 08:00:40   My name is John Pecore, President of Bike 1st in Saint Petersburg Florida, a connection group with our Methodist church here. What you have aspired to do, we are emulating here in Florida. I did not know that you existed until I did a search. We should keep in touch. —JohnPecore

        2013-12-01 21:34:09   Great resource to buy used, quality parts or hard to get items (vintage forks, handlebars etc.) Keep up the great work!!! —BradyCorcoran

        2014-06-05 12:33:36   Wow I am appalled that this Bike shop could actually call themselves a "Bike Collective" when they lie to customers inquiring about other local bike shops in town sheepishly telling them that they have closed down for good. I was looking for The Bike People bike shop that I knew was around the corner from the Bike Collective, but could not find it as they were no longer in their old location, so I asked the people from this shop if they knew where it was and they told me that The Bike People closed down for good as the main bike mechanic was sick. I later found out from Ken's Bike and Ski that the shop was still open and they directed me to their new shop location (just on the other side of their building) and sure enough they WERE OPEN!!! I explained to them what the Bike Collective people had told me and they were shocked!!!! The Bike People are not closed down and in fact are still a fully functioning bike shop. They have been dealing with the loss of Mike, the bike legend I have known about, to his lung disease taking his life 1 month ago, but with the faithful and honest hard working real and true "collective" nature of other people involved with The Bike People, they are still open and working hard to keep the bike shop alive in honor of Mike.

        DON'T LISTEN TO THE BIKE COLLECTIVE IF THEY TELL YOU THE BIKE PEOPLE ARE CLOSED - AS THEY ARE JUST LYING TO YOU!!! The people from the Bike Collective are not the kind of people I would ever want to do business with when they can't even work together with their own neighboring bike shops (that are doing completely different things anyways)! The Bike Collective people could actually learn a few things from The Bike People as they like to work with their neighbors and will honestly direct their customers in the right direction if they don't have what you need. Thats real collective attitudes! —katalina

        • DAVIS BIKE COLLECTIVE PERSPECTIVE OF THE ABOVE COMMENT: During the time Michael was sick there was a misunderstanding about the what Kim and the Bike People were going to do. Through conversations with the Bike People we understand that they are open still to help people with the sales of quality used bikes and excellent customer service. The non-profit Davis Bike Collective, through the space the Bike Forth, has been committed to helping to teach people to fix their bikes since 2009 and before at the Domes as the Bike Church. We are always working to stay open and serve the Davis community through the help of our volunteer staff. We welcome all people of all skill levels to come help, learn, and teach people about bikes. —Matt.Seitzler
        • RANDOM COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE OF THE ABOVE COMMENT: It's rough that Mike passed. I didn't know that. The bike collective is NOT NOT NOT a shop. It's a collective, a non profit that will teach you how to fish instead of letting you pay for a fish. The above appears to be a miscommunication, every time I've needed to use the bike church it's come thru with flying colors, and all the volunteers are for the most part friendly & down to earth Daubert


        </div> </div>