First Monday of each month
Laura and JackkiCox

The Davis Book Club is a group whose goal is to exchange ideas and analysis on a wide range of literature through meeting new people.


Time: We will meet the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm. Place: This will be determined upon interest.

We will be holding our first meeting within the next two weeks (October 15th-26th). If you are interested, please email us (email below) your availability between those dates. We will do our best to accommodate everyone's schedule. Hope to see you there!

This group hopes to attracts the type of reader who is open to diverse and lively discussion of literature. For information on joining, upcoming meetings, and scheduled readings or if you have any questions contact Laura or JackkiCox at davisbookclub@mail.com.


Choosing Books to Read

The book for the following month will be chosen at the conclusion of each meeting. The book will be decided on by a simple majority vote. The exception to this rule will be if a member can provide a valid reason for objecting to the majority's choice. Please be advised that no work will be excluded simply because a member finds it offensive. This is intended to be an open and liberal forum of discussion. When in doubt, the group will side with the majority.


The only requirement is that you take the time to read the scheduled book before the meeting.


Please be aware that this will be a group for discussion. The meeting will require all members to be respectful of each other and to communicate their thoughts and ideas through non-violent and non-threatening verbal communication.

Structure of Meetings

The group will meet at 6:00pm on the first Monday of each month, and enter into free form discussion. The last 20 minutes of each meeting will be used to choose the next book. Meetings will run approximately 1 to 2 hours long.

Works Read

Not available at this exact moment.

Works Scheduled to be Read

This will be discussed at the first meeting. There will also be a list on here of locations to find the book.


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2009-04-15 16:17:45   Does this group still meet? —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-05-06 18:31:42   If this group does still meet, not only would I be interested, but the page should be updated to accomodate! —JohnDudek