606 Pena Dr. Suite #400
Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-4:00pm

Please add information to this page about sale of carpets at this location.

Please be aware this location does not rent trucks.

Open seven days a week, they have:

  • Trailers
  • Boxes


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2007-12-01 13:53:52   I went here to rent a U haul and it was nice that I was able to get one for my move in July - i was afraid that it would end up being full. Anyway I had to be in the Bay area for work and on the saturday for my U Haul day, I was going to cancel since the place I was moving into wasn't ready yet (NOTE: Call 24 hours in advance). I was going to cancel until I was told there was a $50 cancellation charge since I didn't cancel before 24 hours. Okay - so I decided to get the U Haul (which would be about $25.00) - when I got there, the woman had left, wouldn't pick up the phone, etc. I think this is pretty poor service. Later after I filed a dispute with U Haul about the $50 charge after not being able to even pick up the van I had reserved, they said the woman said I had yelled at her and hung up on her which wasn't what happened. Due to her not being there when I wanted to pick up the U Haul, I got charged $50. I later rented the U Haul for my move from a place on Stockton Blvd in Sacramento which had much better service. In my opinion, I think the woman who worked there was quite rude and falsified what had happened to U Haul. I wouldn't recommend renting from here if you can prevent it - especially on a weekend since they are NOT open on weekends. —RohiniJasavala

  • 2007-12-06 13:26:16   This is in regards to the blog posted above... My name is Crystal and I work at the Davis Uhaul, and to my recollection what’s stated is incorrect. I let all of my clients know that I am not open on Saturday or Sunday. I come in by appointment only. On the particular Saturday that is in question, this is what happened… If Rohini had called and canceled “24 hrs in advance” then I would have received a call on Friday, the day before, which I did not. I would have rather cancelled than made a special trip in here to rent 1 uhaul, which was scheduled with Rohini to meet me in my office between 9-9:30am on Saturday Morning. When 9:45am rolled around, I decided to call her to ask if she was on her way, that is when and only when she informed me that she had changed her mind about renting the truck, she had to work today(Saturday). I let her know that I was going to charge her the $50.00 cancellation fee, which I previously told her about, she said FINE, in a nasty voice. We hung up, I charged her $50.00 and left for the day, which I might add was my day off, and I made a special trip in here just so Rohini could have a moving van for Saturday. This is the truth… I am appalled that you(Rohini) would write something like this on a blog, when you are the one that forgot to call and cancel your truck the day before… I am sorry you feel like I was is the wrong, but unfortunately I am not, you are…Crystal —greengemini