This entry refers to an organization that is defunct or is no longer operating. All information here is for historical reference only.


Email Listserve - no longer active
Websites - no longer active

Who we are

We are a group of people interested in communal living. We aim to share tools, projects, and ideas with other cooperative-minded folks.

Getting involved

We meet monthly; the exact time and place varies. Join the the DCCN mailing list (no longer active) to find out about meeting time/place, and to join the discussion about cooperative communities.

Start Cooperative Housing workshops

DCCN hosts Start Cooperative Housing workshops to help people create cooperative households. The demand for living in cooperative communities is much larger than the supply, so DCCN wants to help seed new cooperative households.

DCCN also contributes to the How to live in a cooperative page. (Add to it if you have suggestions or wisdom of your own!)

Shared Applicant Pool

DCCN maintains a shared applicant pool (no longer active) for people interested in applying to a cooperative community, so they may be contacted by any cooperative community with openings.

Co-op and Cohousing Conference

In July 2010 the Davis Cooperative Community Fund awarded DCCN with a grant to support a local co-op and cohousing conference. The California Center for Cooperative Development is acting as fiscal sponsor.


DCCN was formed in fall 2009 by the members of several co-housing and housing cooperatives in Davis. The vision for the network was born out of ongoing discussions between members of the California Center for Cooperative Development, Dos Pinos Cooperative, the Solar Community Housing Association, Pacifico Student Co-op, the Domes & Tri-Cooperatives on the UC campus, and N Street Co-housing in Davis, California. Our goal is to unite local cooperative housing organizations to strengthen our community through the sharing of ideas, program models, and material resources. Our first event was held on Sunday, April 18th at the common house of N Street Co-housing.


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