Let's get Gigabit Internet Access in Davis. 

Happy Davisites, connected by fiber!

DavisGIG is a  new community group working to bring affordable community owned fiber-optic Internet Access to Davis. Imagine getting 50x's faster download and upload speeds!

Please take a moment to visit the web page, to find out more about the proposal. You can also register your vote of support there, as well as signup to the mailing list should you wish to be more  involved. Since Google Fiber passed Davis over and Comcast isn't updating their infrastructure, it's up to community movements like this one to pursue gigabit speeds.


Here is just a small selection of the benefits of community fiber:

Access: Truly unlimited, reliable and lightning-fast service everywhere in Davis at prices that may match--or even beat--currently available plans.

Privacy: Major internet providers in the US lack privacy protections. A community fiber network will open the Davis market to providers who don’t supplement their revenue by selling your data.

Investment in the community: Reduced maintenance costs and reasonable utility service fees will allow the city to recoup its investment, turning the fiber optic network into a revenue-generating asset when the city leases access to its infrastructure to privately-owned service providers.

Community connectivity: Even without buying access to the rest of the web, residents of a networked Davis will be able to video chat and share files with neighbors, and instantly move data between home and campus.ChoiceYou’ll be able to pick from a wide variety of internet, television and phone options from multiple providers, all served from the City network. High quality shared infrastructure means you’ll be able to switch providers as your needs change without the hassle of installing and activating new hardware.

Transparency and accountability: Community fiber is made for you. When you have a concern, your voice matters.


The City of Davis would not be the first to undertake this endeavor. Over 40 cities like Chattanoga, TN and Sandy, OR have successfully created deployed gigabit fiber networks. Over 100 cities are seriously considering it. Fiber internet has been a lingering promise of major ISPs for decades, and while is it is finally seeing limited deployment in select cities, companies like Comcast are charging roughly $8,000 for the first two years of service. 


There are some bigs steps to take to make this happen, and we need everyone's support to make it happen.

1. The city needs to know that citizens are interested and want gigabit internet

2. If there is interest, the city will put out a Request for Proposals for a feasibility study. The study may cost $1-3 million, but there is over $100 million saved in a telecommunications fund.

3. Creating a community fiber network could be placed on the 2016 ballot


If you are interested, please help with the first step. Talk to city council members. They need to know that people really want this and it’s should be high on the agenda. Talk your friends and neighbors, and have them engage with city council in turn. Sign up on the Davis Gig mailing list to keep up to date with events!



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