The following text is quoted, with slight editing, from the website of the Davis History Research Group.

The goal of the Davis History Research Group (the DHRG or simply the Group) is to advance research on the history of Davis, California.

This goal is pursued in several ways. Foremost, the Group maintains a free-to-the-public website that strives to provide an increasingly comprehensive bibliography of Davis history publications and related sources and resources.

The bibliographic goal of the site poses a task that can be thought of as an edited book or anthology. Such a book has an editor, but the editor does not write the book. Instead, the chapters or other units are the contributions of various authors.

Applying that analogy, each of the bibliographic documents in the folders to the left on the home page of the site is a chapter in an ever-expanding multi-authored book.

On the page labeled 1.3., to the left on the site home page, the site coordinator (the metaphorical editor), John Lofland, explains how to construct a bibliographic chapter.

Purposes Beyond Bibliography In addition to its foremost purpose of making its website "an increasingly comprehensive bibliography of Davis history," the Group seeks, when possible, to conduct research, to assist other relevant researchers, to respond to public inquiries, to publish items on Davis history, and to organize Davis history lectures, seminars, and conferences.

A History Archive and Research Organization The Group views itself as a history archive and as a history research organization. Other history archive organizations include the Yolo County Archives, the UCD Shields Library Department of Special Collections, and The California State Archives. Other history research organizations include the California Historical Society, the Western History Association, and the Agricultural History Society.

A Research, Not Political or Heritage, Organization It does not take positions on political questions outside its immediate research mission. However, it regards Davis history as a public good and encourages widespread knowledge of it and its use by individuals, groups, and communities.

Even though it does not advocate or act on political matters such as historic preservation and heritage celebration, it respects the roles and missions of history organizations so engaged. The Group's single goal of advancing research on Davis history sets it off from these associations and, at the same time, complements them.

Organization and Funding The Group is a voluntary association whose administration and projects are funded by member and friend contributions. The intentionally small size of the Group facilitates collegial decision-making.

Membership and Projects DHRG members welcome new members who are actively interested in advancing research on Davis history. Contact DHRG Coordinator John Lofland at

It is hoped that new members will display their active interests by contributing to or leading DHRG projects.

At this time, developing bibliographic chapters on the Group's web site is the major DHRG project. While not required, a new member is strongly encouraged to compile such a chapter.

Additional types of Group projects that might be undertaken include conducting original research on Davis history, assisting other researchers, responding to public inquiries, publishing items on Davis history, and organizing Davis history lectures, seminars and conferences.

A new (or existing) member can take the lead in any of these types of projects.