Every Monday night, community members and students meet up to share the joy of knitting. (Crocheters also welcome.) Beginners and experts alike are welcome, as there is a wide variance of skills. You'll find plenty of help, yarn, and beautiful handicrafts at Davis Knit Nights. New knitters are always welcome to attend, and below you will find our calendar of locations.

Calendar of Locations

The Monday night location has changed from the Stonegate Video Café to the Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street (corner of 7th and A), 5-8 pm, effective November 30, 2015. A second group meets on Tuesday nights, 6-9 pm, at the Barista Brew on G & 5th Streets in Davis.

Please note that this pertains to MONDAY NIGHT only.

Knit, Purl, Comment!

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2009-05-26 21:28:45   Christy—many thanks for taking this on! :) —Booriggs

2009-06-12 16:28:02   Do you accept those of alternate yarn persuasions? I'm a hooker =D —JenniferCook

2009-06-15 09:52:45   Of course and always! —ChristyMarsden

2011-06-01 18:26:38   Wow! I should have known about this sooner. Oh well, I guess I got three more years to check this club out. See you guys next year!] —Chelsea744

2011-10-02 10:07:38   Are you still meeting on Monday night if so where in stonegate? —KathyBorchard

2011-10-09 15:32:40   Me too - I am wondering if the knit nights are still happening. Can you post an update with the date on it so we know it's current? Thanks! —edubin