Located in the Stonegate Executive Offices at:
1260 Lake Boulevard -Suite 244
Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9-5. Additional hours may be arranged by appointment.
(530) 554-4844
Emil Dixon

The Davis Legal Center (DLC) is a private law office located in West Davis. DLC used to handle immigration, landlord-tenant and real property law, but the office currently only accepts immigration cases. DLC's attorney represents clients worldwide, and his practice primarily emphasizes written immigration appeals and waivers. The attorney also handles immigration applications and removal defense.


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2013-08-14 11:25:44   I had a challenging tenancy issue and wanted to terminate my lease early, not an easy task. I had consulted with other attorneys, but none of them seemed to inspire much trust.

Then I contacted Emil Dixon, at Davis Legal Center and was able to meet with him very shortly after my call. After carefully reviewing my case, he explained my options, proposed a few solutions and recommended the best one for me. Even after the case was nearing its end, he continued communicating with me and updating me on every step. Mr. Dixon is a true professional and a man of great integrity. He is extremely competent, knowledgeable and treated me with the utmost respect. My case was resolved to my satisfaction without court appearances and with very reasonable legal fees. I highly recommend Mr. Dixon and his firm and will return if I need legal services again. —GabrielaMaria

2013-11-09 12:31:43   I was having a severe disagreement with my landlord on the condition of a house I was to move into in Davis, and wanted to terminate my lease with the landlord. I was unable to come to an agreement with the landlord by myself and had to resort to finding legal aide to solve the matter.

Mr. Dixon is both amazingly professional and reassuring to deal with in a stressful situation. I was kept up to date on every occurrence in my case and involved in all of the decision making. Mr. Dixon patiently answered any question I had about my case without making me feel rushed. He specialized in both landlord/tenant and immigration law.

We were able to come to an agreement with my landlord on amiable conditions in a quick and efficient timeline.

I would use Mr. Dixon's legal services again if needed. Five stars! —TamsenPolley