The Davis Model Lease is commonly used in town by landlords of all sorts ranging from individuals to property management companies. You can buy a paper copy (with carbon-copy duplicate) for US$2.00 at the UC Davis ASUCD Student Services office at 347 Memorial Union.

You can read more about the Davis Model Lease here:

Here are posted images of the front and back side of the current (as of 2007) Davis Model Lease:

The Davis Model Lease is copyrighted. The uploader of the files linked above asserts that it is fair use under copyright law to make these copies available for strictly non-commercial, educational purposes on the Davis Wiki. It is noted that these are low-resolution copies, which though adequate for reading the text, are not satisfactory for reproducing the original document, due to their reduced quality and the fact that they are watermarked with "void - sample only". Please respect the copyright of the document and the legitimacy of the fair use on the Davis Wiki by buying an authorized copy of the lease from one of the sources listed above if you are going to use the document as your lease or use it for any other commercial purpose.