Davis Municipal Code Chapter 24


24.04.010 Purpose.

The council enacts this legislation for the sole purpose of securing and promoting the public health, comfort, safety and welfare for its citizenry. While recognizing that the use of sound amplifying equipment may be entitled to certain protection by the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly, the city council finds that in order to protect the public safety and the correlative rights of the citizens of this community to privacy and freedom from public nuisance of loud and unnecessary noise, reasonable regulation of the time, place and manner of the use of amplifying equipment is necessary. In no event shall any approval or authorization required herein be withheld by reason of the constitutionally protected content of any material proposed to be broadcast through amplifying equipment. (Ord. No. 1700, § 1 (part); Ord. No. 1854, § 13; Ord. No. 1955 (part).)


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