Davis Municipal Code Chapter 24


24.04.050 Appeals.

(a)Any person affected or aggrieved by approval or disapproval of a registration statement may appeal by filing a written notice with the city clerk within five days of notification of approval or disapproval of the application, or within five days of notification of approval to neighbors as provided in 24.04.070(c)(2), whichever is later. It is assumed that persons residing within two hundred yards of the event will be affected.

(b)The appeal shall be heard by the city manager or his/her designee not later than seven calendar days after the date of filing an appeal.

(c)The city manager's determination of the appeal shall be based solely on the grounds set forth in section 24.04.040(d). The city manager shall make his or her determination to uphold or deny the appeal within three business days of the date of the hearing on the appeal. The decision of the city manager shall be final.

(d)No registration statement approved shall be valid while an appeal is pending.

(f)The time periods set forth in this section may be extended by mutual consent of the city and the applicant. (Ord. No. 1700, § 1 (part); Ord. No. 1854, § 17; Ord. No. 1955 (part).)


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