Davis Municipal Code Chapter 24


24.06.010 Exception permits.

If the applicant can show to the city manager that a diligent investigation of available noise abatement techniques indicates that immediate compliance with the requirements of this chapter would be technologically impractical or unreasonable, a permit to allow exceptions from the provisions contained in all or a portion of this chapter may be issued, with appropriate conditions to minimize the public detriment caused by such exceptions. Any such permit shall be of as short duration as possible, and shall be conditioned by a schedule for compliance and details of methods therefor in appropriate cases. Any person aggrieved with the decision of the city manager may appeal to the city council by filing a written notice of appeal with the city clerk within ten days of the decision of the city manager. (Ord. No. 1700, § 1 (part); Ord. No. 1854 § 23; Ord. No. 1955 (part).)


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