As evident from its name, the Davis Music Teacher's Association (DMTA) is an organization of local dues paying members. Members get to advertise their services on the DMTA website ( and on the paper handout list at Watermelon Music. DMTA also holds semi-annual student recitals, Membership costs $15 annually.



If you are looking for a music teacher, the DMTA is a good place to start.

If you don’t find a teacher through DMTA, there are also other sources of music teachers in Davis:


1.   Watermelon Music has a list of teachers that rent their facility and
2.   Davis wiki has a combined list of both dues paying DMTA music teachers and non dues paying music teachers on the page Area Music Teachers.

If you are a music teacher interested in being part of the DMTA, please fill out this form and send your $15 yearly membership fee to the requested address.