DNC's Facebook group

DNC's Facebook page

Club President/Leadership
President: Ernest (Nate) Walker
Treasurer: Dan Nguyen
Vice President/Advertising: TBD
Outreach/Safety: Kalea Chiaco
Internal Affairs: N/A
Quartermaster: Andrew Hill
Fall 2011
Meeting Times
Saturdays, 6pm - 9pm
Meeting Location
The Death Star

Davis Nerf Club (DNC for short) is a UC Davis club that holds free-to-play NERF games every weekend in the Death Star. The club was formerly known as Davis Urban Gaming Group, or DUGG.


DNC meets every Saturday night starting at 7PM in the Social Science and Humanities building and usually stays there until 10PM . The club plays a variety of Nerf-based games, from Team Deathmatch to objective-based games to small-scale Humans vs Zombies matches to deception-based social games. To participate, you must be a UC Davis student or age 18+ and must sign a safety waiver each quarter. Games are run by a team of moderators who are there to make sure our games run smoothly and ensure the best playing environment for everyone involved. Their names are listed above.

The club's former A-frame on the quad

While people are welcome to bring your own blasters and ammo, it's not a requirement. The club provides the necessary equipment for all members, a service made possible by donations to the club and various members who lend out their extra blasters. DNC has a large collection of darts and blasters, so finding a blaster for everyone is never a problem. Any modded blasters will have to be evaluated by the moderator team before they can be used, but DNC encourages people to bring their creations and try them out.

In addition to the normal Saturday Night Nerf games, DNC sometimes run other events, such as capture the flag, paintball excursions, a weeklong game of Assassins, and laser tag.  The club also provides a service where it lends its moderators and equipment to another organization and hosts their socials for a price. Events are usually announced both on the Facebook group and the club's Facebook page, which are the best ways to stay updated.  The club also always has a strong showing at the quarterly week-long Humans vs. Zombies games, run by its sister club HvZ.

For more information, contact one of our moderators or message the DNC Facebook page.

Main Rules

#1). Don't Be A Dick - While DNC enjoys a competitive environment, this should never get in the way of somebody having a good time. Bring your best sportsmanship so that everyone can enjoy the games.
#2) Trust Other Players - DNC uses the honor system for announcing hits. If somebody thinks they hit you, it's best to give them the benefit of the doubt, even if you didn't feel it.  If you have a dispute with another player about whether or not you hit them with a dart, try and work it out yourselves. If you still cannot resolve the issue, talk to one of the moderators, who will help work it out.
#3) (Also #1). Safety First - DNC takes safety very seriously.  If a player is acting in an unsafe manner despite a previous warning, they will be sent home and possibly banned. The club doesn't allow any blasters that would be unsafe to be struck by or any that have been painted to resemble realistic guns. Eye protection is mandatory. Regular glasses are fine, and DNC has enough for everybody.
#4) Stay within the Death Star's Boundaries When playing, do not leave the block the Death Star is located in. The streets are lava, essentially, and you should not step into them at any point in-game.
#5) Stairs - Stairs count as out of play, but you are only allowed to stay on them for 15 seconds. Coming off of them, you are given three mississippis of immunity, unless you decide to void it by firing some time within those three seconds..
#6) ​Ricochets do not count; blaster hits do - If the dart bounces and then hits you, it is not a real hit. It has to hit you on the fly for it to count. If a dart hits your blaster, even if it does not hit any part of your body, this is still considered a hit.
#7) DO NOT HIT CIVILIANS - There will be people walking in and around the Death Star during Saturday games who are not playing. If you shoot one of them, DNC will not hesitate to punish you. If you are unsure whether or not somebody is playing, make sure you ask them first before you shoot.

Every game has its own rules.  The moderators will explain the rules of each game before it starts, so be sure to listen.  They are also always happy to help out if there are any specific questions.


A few examples of the games played at the club are:

Team Deathmatch - A firefight between two teams. There is also a three-team version.

Humans versus Zombies - A game of infection tag where those who are not 'it' have NERF blasters. When a human is tagged, they become a zombie.

Alamo - Defend the point for a specific amount of time against an increasing number of attackers.  When a defender is shot, they become an attacker. 

Payload - A "payload," usually one of the moderators, will walk on a path between one team's spawn and the other's. Teams have to defend the payload and make it walk towards the other team by touching it. Whichever team gets the payload farthest away from their spawn by the end wins.

Infection - A mafia-style Nerf game with humans and zombies.

Gladiator - Teams of 3 take turns fighting it out in a pit.  The winning team stays and fights new teams until it drops.

DNC has all sorts of game types besides these that they mix up in order to keep things fresh.  If you have any ideas for a game type, let a moderator know. The club loves to get feedback and hear suggestions from the community.

Sister Club

Humans vs. Zombies

Former Officers

Maxwell Kappes, Maxamilian Wilt, Brian DeLaCruz, Brittany Booth, Raymond Liu, Andy Magee, Tommy Garcia, Joseph Hammack, Fernando Vega, Serena Santamaria, Paul Salessi, Daniel Goldwyn, Jessie Medlin, Cindy Rodriguez-Batres, Kyle Huen, Rokushou Yuan, Christian Hebron, Noah Pflueger-Peters, John Krepelka, Elizabeth Cox, Tyler Eigenhaus, Jillian Dyer, Imani Irwin, Tristan Atkinson, Kylie Avery, Jeffery Wang


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